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    New extremely limited ed...

    Blackwater Kimber...retails $1250, nice one for sure..I think only 75 are being made..

    The HTP is High Threat Protection..

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    I purchased the last Kimber High Threat Protection last month while teaching at the Blackwater facility in North Carolina. It is a fine weapon and I have mounted the SureFire X300 rail light on it. The sales price was $1250 and I paid another $50 to have it shipped to my home state, then paid other fees amounting to another $145. At this point I am trying to identify a good holster for it. My other Kimber is a Stainless TLE.d There were only 55 of these Kimbers manufactured. Most are in the hands of contractors working in Iraq or Afghanistan. Same guys only now they work for companies other than Blackwater.

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