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Thread: Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.

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    yeah that's what it's about if they do not sell they S*** can them.


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    I live right in the heart of Wal-Mart country, in Rogers, Arkansas, and five out of the six Supercenters in the area are out of nearly all handgun ammo. It's depressing that everyone freaks out over Obama, so now I can't practice unless I pay ridiculous range markups, or order over the internet.

    I don't think I care that Obama's a socialist anymore. Let him take my damn money; I don't have anything to spend it on!
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    Before things get really bad in ammo supply, I suggest you stock up and order from Cheaper Than Dirt or Sportsmans Guide

    If you spend more that $150 bucks at Sportsmans Guide, you come out ahead if you join their Buyer's Club and use Coupon Code: SN632 when you check out. I got free shipping and an extra $10 off when I ordered 500 rounds (for $137.73) of soft-point .223 plus a few extra items
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    somewhere in north texas

    i work at walmart part time....

    here in rural texas, we are getting ammo, but our man there says that no sooner than he gets it stocked, people buy the heck out of it. and he means everything. people here are buying as much as they can when they can, as often as they can.

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    I live in jacksonville, Fl and have been to 2 of the walmarts near me and they too have had nearly no ammo.

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    gpbarth Guest
    Orange City and Sanford (FL) WalMarts also out of nearly everything but .22 and 12GA. Guy at the Sanford store said they are having problems getting re-stocked but are trying to get more.

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    FYI, I sent an email to their corporate office. I will let you guys know what they say.

  9. Walmart carry's all types of ammo for handguns and rifles here in Washington

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    Spartanburg, SC Walmarts reman bare

    The Walmart store in the Spartanburg, SC have been bare for over a month now. I ran into one store last week that was restocked on 22cal 550 round bricks. Today they were wiped out of this and only had 150 rounds of 380. I purchased those so they are completely bare on all pistol ammo now. They do have a smattering of rifle ammunition and shotgun shells...

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    walmart in cincinnati has everything cept .40 and .45, the 2 I need. plenty of 9mm .380. 38 and lots of .22. 50 rounds of 9mm blazer brass is $8. I knew I shoulda bought one instead of a .40.

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