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Thread: Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmclairday2 View Post
    It may be a regional issue, our Walmart still has good numbers of all of the ammo they carry..
    I tend to agree with that, been in a number of different stores and gun's and ammo vary store to store dependent on location and demand, so the moral here is shoot more and they will stock it.

  3. The name of this thread needs to be changed. How does Walmart being in short supply (along with everyone else that sells ammo) mean Walmart is selling ammo anymore?

  4. I'm also finding that most Walmarts have plenty of 9mm. Every one I've been to has said that NO Walmarts have any 45ACP. The one in Franklin, TN had plenty of 40S&W two days ago.

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    After an Email to Corporate, I received a personal phone call from the manager of my local Walmart. They seem to finally be getting some calibers in. Yesterday, I was able to pick up some Ammo they have been out of, .45 White Box Winchester 100 count. They had about 10 boxes. They also had .380, .40, and 44 Magnum. Unfortunatelly they were still out of 9mm. I am sure glad I stocked up before the rush. She stated that they have 160 boxes of 9mm on order but they are still "Out" in the warehouse. She is hoping to get her order filled in the next couple of weeks. They assured me that they are not phasing out the sale of ammo in any Nevada stores, a big relief. I can't wait for supplies to get back to normal.

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    Sure wish they would start selling ammo here in PRHI. Would be nice to be able to purchase some of their bulk packs.

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    I went and checked the ammo at the local wal mart here as I always do and they were getting pretty bare too. I bought 100 rounds of blazer brass in .40 because that's just about all they had.. no 9mm, no .45. they had some .22 in the federal bulk pack but my ruger prefers the remington.. hopefully they will be getting more in soon. I hate having to pay mor efor ammo at other stores. lol.
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    Unhappy Handgun ammo at Wal-mart

    Same problem in Eastern WA. I went in a couple of nights ago and they had 1 box of .40 and 3 boxes of 9mm. I bought the 9mm and ask if they had received the e-mail mentioned in this thread and he said they had. He said they have been out of .45 since Nov. and have no idea when they will be stocking again. He said the last two times they got a case in some guy showed up and bought the entire case. I guess someone will be out at the range.
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    Improving in the Upstate of SC?

    Was in my local WalMart today on what has become a weekly ammunition check and was surprised to see several boxes of 40S&W WWB's and the 250 round UMC in 45ACP. Couldn't resist and had to walk out the door with boxes of each. Hopefully this is the begining of restocking as they were still bare on WWB in 9mm and 45ACP as well as no bricks of 22 cal.

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    Was in our local Wal-Mart here in Kalispell, Mt last night and purchased the last box of Blazer Brass .45 ACP for $14.97 and they had a couple boxes of white/green Rem 230-gr for $18.97 along with several value packs of .40 Cal. Handgun ammo is not one of their strong points right now. My local sporting goods store has a bunch of Blazer Brass for $15.99 a box so it's not an issue.

    K-Mart no longer sells ammo here at all.
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    its been the same where I'm at the walls are bare I couldn't even get .38 special or .357 magnum at all for my sp101

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