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Thread: Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toreskha View Post
    One Walmart I went to is not only out OF .45 ACP, but they LOST THE KEY TO THE AMMO CABINET. WTF is up with that? You can lose your house, car, dog and wife, but not the key to the ammo! NOOOOO!!!

    Another one didn't have any. They said they were out and don't know when they're getting any in. This sucks.
    Yeah that's Walmart for you. Or this will happen to you. The guy with the keys never turned them in and is on launch or went home.


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    wolfhunter Guest
    Nothing but 12ga birdshot at my Wallyworld tonight.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by kc4yrr View Post
    I bet they are realy marking up reloading presses, powder ect now. Stay safe.
    Not really. They aren't cutting and deals, but they're not jacking prices. I just bought a Dillon 550B.

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    Just picked up 9mm ~10 a box of 50, and 38special 29.00 for 100 rounds. not bad, had what they usually have in stock.

    another local super store Meijers that is in this part of MI. had winchester buy one get second half off plus they let me use a 15% coupon on top of that.
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    You cannot get 9mm luger in any of the Wally worlds in my area. and .40 whiteboxes are getting fewer and fewer and have gone up almost $10 in price
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    I was in Walmart this past Friday buying dog food. Decided to stop by the ammo counter. They had 4 boxes of .40SW blazer brass at $12.47 left. I bought all 4. They said they just got their ammo shipment in that morning and the 9's were already gone, and I got the last of the .40. Oh well.
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  8. I too had to stop in and see what the walmart by me was doing. almost nothing on the shelf. the shelf was still there, so that was a good sign.

    The guy working close to the cabinet just mumbled "kinda lean, ey?". so I asked him if they were still getting ammo,. He said they are getting just as much as always, maybe even more, but people are hoarding it. He said that one guy waited for an hour while he unloaded a truck.

    I bought enough to last for a while BEFORE the election. I'll keep my eyes open.

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    I stopped by Wal-Mart this morning. Pistol ammo completely gone except one box each of .25 and .32 auto, and I bought the .32 for the Seecamp.

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    check out Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. they have what ever you need as far as ammo and at pretty reasonable prices

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    Nothing but shotgun shells and some 357 ammo when I went to walmart yesterday here in Tampa. I buy from my range since I get 10% off for being a member. I just checked it out while I was in there to see what their stock looked like.

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