Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.
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Thread: Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.

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    Walmart No longer stocking Ammo.

    I was at my local super center today and as i always do i stopped by the sporting goods counter. I noticed that the ammo was vary vary low. So i asked the clerk about it ( I said wow you have little to no ammo) He said yeah walmart ( the HQ) is cutting back on ordering it He said something about the cost being to high. He then showed me the E-mail that HQ sent out to the stores. It said that because of everyone rushing out and buying up all the ammo they can find because of the New tax on it ( again this is not word for word). That ammo is getting harder and harder to find. It then went on to say that they are working on it the best they can and not to call the suppliers and try and order more. The letter went on to say more. I then asked if they are going to get any in at all ( at my local store) He said yeah the plan is to get one box a month in ( not one box of each just one box) So one month will be 9mm and the next will be like 40 and so on. Again Not sure if that part was true as he is some what new. But he did show me the e-mail from HQ i will get more on Sunday from the Department Man. The letter also said they are No longer take large orders for customers. At my store you use to be able to come in and order a large amount of ammo put half down and they would order it for you. It comes in and you pay the rest when you pick it up.
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    I've been buying my range ammo (Blazer Brass) at Wallyworld and they have been out a lot lately. They seem to get it in by caliber. They may be out of .45 for a couple of weeks and have 9mm then vise versa. I went last night to get some .22lr for my new Browning Buckmark and they only had 1 box of .45 and 1 box of 9mm, so I bought them both, along with 600 rounds of .22. I've kinda made it a point if I'm at Walmart and I've got some extra cash I'll buy a couple of boxes if they got it.

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    Not really sure why your thread title doesn't match your post, but Walmart no longer stocking ammo doesn't seem quite correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiofan View Post
    Not really sure why your thread title doesn't match your post, but Walmart no longer stocking ammo doesn't seem quite correct.
    Yeah, I don't think they are going to quit stocking ammo, it's just they are having a hard time getting enough to keep in stock.

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    It may be a regional issue, our Walmart still has good numbers of all of the ammo they carry..

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    Yeah LOL sorry about the title i read that after i posted it. That is the one thing i can not change sorry about that. It's not that they are not going to be stocking ammo. They are just having a hard time filling all the orders for the stores. Seeing as you ( Cmclairday2) are in the state of the HQ Walmart i would not think it would be a problem ( as you already said) But for the other stores i think it will be.


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    Our wally world just got a shipment in...

    But sadly no .357 mag or .44 mag. lots of 9mm and 40 S&W some 45ACP. NO 308 WIN TO BE HAD!
    a good amount of .223 Rem and some 12ga 00 Buck.

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    I may be out of the loop, but does anyone really know that there is going to be a huge tax increase? All I've heard is rumors and suppostions with BO taking office. I do know the prices keep going up but I kind of figured part of it was supply and demand.

    If anyone knows of this 'tax increase', I'd love to know the specifics.
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    Wally World here in Orange City FL is out of everything but .223. .22, and 12GA shotgun stuff. I had picked up 200 rnds of .40 S&W just about 2 weeks ago, and went back yesterday to get some more. And the shelves were BARE!
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    The WallyWorld down here in Mississippi used to sell Rifles (until Hurricane Katrina); after the hurricane, when they were able to open the doors to the public again, all the rifles were gone. Everyone figured it was because they had stored them for safety before the storm, but they never did bring them back out. Made me mad, as I had been saving for a Winchester Model 70 in 30-06 they had, and was ready to purchace it. Ended up buying one from another dealer I use, but paid over 100 more than WallyWorld was asking. As for ammo, it has been getting alot more difficult to find what you want at the store I am talking about. Their ammo shelves always seem to be just about empty. This ended up being more about Wal-Mart than Ammo. Sorry about that, long-winded, or typed, or get the picture.

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