Firearms Reciprocity listed under "Crime"
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Thread: Firearms Reciprocity listed under "Crime"

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    Firearms Reciprocity listed under "Crime"

    Thought this was odd. I was checking the PA AG website ( Crime: Protecting Pennsylvania Against Crime - Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General ) to make sure my VA Non Res Permit was valid in PA. While there I noticed that the "Firearms Reciprocity" category was listed under the "Crime" header. Along with Medical Fraud, Organized Crime and others as well as the topper "Child Predator Unit."

    It's a shame that the Child Predator Unit and Firearms Reciprocity have to been listed in the same category. I truly do not understand why the website would be designed in this manner.

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    "Firearms Reciprocity" would fit better in the "Consumers" menu of that site.

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    Since everything under Crime is crime fighting I guess they consider Firearms Reciprocity a crime fighting tool...
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