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Thread: Guns in Reality vs. Hollywood and Fiction

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    I always get a kick out of cars that explode after being hit by a few handgun rounds. I must be buying my ammo from the wrong place.
    Yeah, I think most places you have to ask specifically for the "thermo-nuclear 9mm rounds" tucked away in the back, next to the self-loading mags and behind the gansta sighting aids (aka: the boxes the guns come in).
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    How about when a BG gets hit by a bullet he flies backward several feet....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZSATT View Post
    Actually, working in the inner city, we'd always get calls about armed BG's... and regardless of what they were actually using or carrying - if it was a hadgun, it was a "Glock." If it was a long-gun, it was an "AK." Didn't matter if it was a revolver, or a Marlin .22... the denizens of the inner city knew "Glocks" and "AK's"...

    Got one of those calls the other day...turned out to be a beretta bobcat, .22LR....stainless silver with wood grips. But it looked bigger to the guy being threatened with it. Probably as big as a tank gun.
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