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Thread: Obamas Tank like Limo and Bullet Proof Suit

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambo42xa View Post
    My Wife was saying........"look, how is it that He is out of the limo (with His Wife) walking along in front of it" (no protection?)? "Believe me, He's got protection", I replied.
    On another note (NOT to go off topic....) from what I read, I cannot believe not one person was arrested.
    I assure you that there were many folks who were arrested, and there were several incidents that were handled quickly, but you'll never hear about these things on the evening news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post
    "The Colombian company makes fashion clothing in three levels of bullet-resistance, the lowest of which can protect against a 9mm pistol and the highest of which can take a shot from a Mini Uzi or MP5 submachine gun."

    Lol would that be a Uzi or MP5 chambered in 9mm? lol Granted it will have alittle more velocity coming out of an uzi or a MP5. Wonder what the middle level stops??
    I was thinking the same thing.. they are all 9mm.
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    What, No Eggs?

    Did everyone happen to notice there were no protesters throwing eggs at the Presidential Motorcade this time around??? Must have something to do with the fact that we work for a living and take a daily shower.

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    All that money invested into that protection, and the idiot gets out and walks twice during his inauguration.
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    I hope Obama plans on protecting the rest of us the way he is protecting himself. Lets see what he does with homeland security.

  7. Neat stuff. Gotta get me one of those suits. The Tuxedo starring jackie chan anyone?
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  8. To be so anti gun ................. he sure has enough of them for his protection.

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