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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Greetings from western Pennsylvania. You have a great site here and I hope to learn a lot.

  3. Re Latest Washington State, Pierce County Police officer shooting 22 Dec 2009:
    Let me guess...Yet Another Career, Violent, Repeat, Offender. Released to circulate into law abiding society, time after time by the PC Liberal.. 'give 'em another chance' court system. Predictably after a long history of assaults and various sundry other offenses.

    Most likely scenario, given recent stats, History of Dysfunctional, Taxpayer subsidized home life, including taxpayer Subsidized lifestyle. Which BTW allows 'disposable income' for various substance abuse.

    If it comes out any other way, let me know. Oh yes be sure and attack 'The gun', 'the Tool' as MSM also predictably will do.

    Unique Sections of Washington State, with their overwhelming saturation of Career, Violent, Repeat Offenders, will start having to send in SWAT for every call. Especially with the Pierce County situation.

    With this absurd ratio of Career Violent Offenders free to roam society, And people still wonder why the Law Abiding sector of society is demanding the right to self defense and carry firearms?

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  5. Hello form the rockies!

    Hi I'm interested in learning all I can and making new friends!

  6. Hello from Arizona. Just joined and saying Hi All

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    Moore County, NC
    Welcome, hendrikush, DSPARKS, birdog, scott, inspector, MudKing, and rebel; from the Old North state!!!

    Reap the Vision...

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    Gray Court, SC
    Welcome to all the new members, we're glad to have you here!
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
    To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them... -- Richard Henry Lee, 1787

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    Greetings from a fellow gun toting chick from NC!!

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    Kimberchick....... Are you related to the rest of 'hem der Kimberwhoevers?

    Welcome, just the same...
    Semper Fi

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    Seems to be alot of that Kimber Clan around here doesnt it? Any who,I just about sliced off the end of my finger while simultaneously reading this and sharpening my knife,(note to self,knife is sharp enough). But anyway,greetings from the Deep South.
    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin

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