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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by KimberChick View Post
    I am definitely a Kimber fan....own at least three now!!

    But just for the rest of y'all, I do own a GLock, a couple of CZ's and a Beretta.

    Merry Christmas....hope Santa leaves lead in everyone's stockings this year!!
    Reply to Kimber Chick. Last Christmas we gave our adult CCW certified son, 'Jacketed Hollow points'. He told everyone about his Great 'Redneck Christmas' family. :>)

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    Smile Hello I'm new here from Florida

    Hello all.I'm just registered here today.I live in Florida,will be 64 in a few weeks and I'm a retired seaman.I have a few guns and am just setting up for redloading my own ammo.I enjoy shooting.

  4. Just another noob from Ohio. Got a couple guns and looking for a couple more.

    I'm taking my CCW class next sunday. I will be carrying a Springfield XD9 sc

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    Hello all.I'm just registered here today.I live in Texas and I'm very new to this

  6. I havea ccw in Mo. I am tired of gov. treading on the 2nd amendment. All the countrys that took away the guns from sitizens, the crime went up some places asmuch as 3oo percent plus. Must be some other reason they want us to be unarmed????

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    New to site...alot of good info!

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    Newbie from Idaho

    Hey everyone, I'm just recently getting back into guns. I was raised in Colorado, hunting, fishing, etc but as an adult I've not done much in regards to either. I've recently bought a S&W Sigma 40cal and will be getting my CCW in the next couple of months. The main thing I'm looking for now is ideas in modifying clothing or any clothing available that is conducive to concealment. I've seen several sites, such as and I'm still researching. I'm a big guy, 6'2" 290lbs so some of the commercially available options don't work with someone of my ummmm stature. :-) I have a Blackhawk Serpa and an inside-the-pant holster so far but still looking for other methods/options. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Just signed up. I like open carry and the Second Amendment.

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    Dec 2009
    Southwest Missouri
    New commer to the site. How's it going? Formerly from Southwestern Arizona and Southern Cal, now in Southwest Missouri. Yes, big difference.

  11. Good morning:WWW here from Ohio. Life member of NRA, 4 years in the USAF, hunter since Dad put a gun in my hands at age 12. Bullseye and combat shooter off and on since the Air Force. Planning on taking a concealed carry course soon so I will be legal, 38 Chief's Special and Firestorm Mini 9 Pro NKL are my carry tools. the 38 has been my baby for over 20 years and I Just purchased the Firestorm.

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