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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Stockton Springs Maine. Originally from Vinalhaven Maine
    Quote Originally Posted by Blogengeezer View Post
    @coldwaterdiver: Being a 'Restricted' status in Syracuse, is interesting. How does that work in NY State? Is 'concealed carry; even remotely possible.. in Charles Schumer's 'Gun Free' Kingdom? At least without being one of Schumers personal armed bodyguards.?
    I don't live in New York, thank God. I can however answer your question. In NY you need a permit just to PURCHASE a hand gun. The permit in no way allows you to carry. If you want to carry you have to get an entirely different permit which is next thing to impossible to obtain unless you are politically connected.That is why NY and NYC in particular are so crime free.
    Here's a good example: You can get a concealed carry permit in NY if when you apply you are over 80 years of age, and accompanied by your grandparents.

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    Intro to all

    Hello to all from a newbie in Free USA. God Bless America; and all who would sacrifice all for Her.
    Non Timebo Mala

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    Western Colorado
    Hello from Western Colorado. Not a new member, but first post. Kinda been lurking, reading and maybe learning. I have held my CCW for 5 years, got it originally because of the tweakers roaming freely around the area. Keep up the good posts and I'll be around.

  5. I'm new to ccw and want to ask what might be a question with an obvious answer. I'm in Michigan and am going to be taking a trip to California. Based on the info on this site, I can carry a ccw to California but not in California? If I put the handgun in the trunk of my bike once I get to Ca, is that legal there?

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    Cool New member

    Guess I'm on the wrong page - I am a new member and didn't find the "new member" page. Not too good at these community sites, yet. Anyhow, I've been into guns since 12, and am glad to be in an open carry state. I hope to get a Delaware CCW, though it isn't the easiest state to obtain one. My favorite carry is a 4-inch Taurus Judge, though I also have a '43 P.38. Glad to be aboard, and look forward to learning from you-all.
    Bigstonebeach (Beez)

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    First post...just to say Howdy!


  8. @Mosbyranger: Western Colorado. We visit that beautiful area each summer. The NR-ILA section has Colorado in it's latest articles. Colorado has several Bills on the agenda. Anyone residing there, should be involved in letters to Colorado Senators and Representatives.

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    Hi everybody. Just checking in from WV. "Mountaineers are always free.":

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    just saying hello and good day to all new members

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    Hi and hello to all new members -- from Missouri here...

    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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