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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Feb 2010
    Lake Worth Fla.

    New Member today!

    Hey all,
    My name is Eddie/akabikerboy.
    Just want to say hello to y'all from south florida!
    Glad to be here

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    Hi guys & gals from upstate NY. I am a newbee on this forum. I appreciate being "let into the party". I am curious where the gun laws are going and the reciprocal agreements for various states for carrying. I am a Licensed NYS PI. Thanks and good luck to all.

  4. @peye: To find out what the latest gun laws are, we should ask 'DOG' the Bounty Hunter. Now He should know. I think He has tested them all :>)
    UpState NY, is Schummer still in Control up there, in the wilds?

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    Carry in NYS

    Good morning everyone. I have had a carry concealed permit in NYS for 39 years. No problem. Of course the requirement's and laws may have changed since then. I do know guys who get carry permits very often with no big problem except maybe a longer waiting period for the background checks. Anone out there that has heard about HR218 regarding a movement going on to lower the requirement to 12 years of active LE duty?
    I hope you all have a great day. Bye the way, I am a newbee from the Rochester, NY area and a licensed PI.

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    NYS carry

    One other thing I forgot to mention. Most people do not know this, but NYS and NY City, are like to different states even though they are actually one. I can carry anywhere in NYS BUT, not in NY City. That is where it is tough to get permission. It is like a different world. I would not live there for anything. It's a crazy life there. 4-5 hours a day is spent on fighting traffic to and from work. Driving there is like being in a demolition derby.

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    Yes, Schummer has still got his hand into evrything in upstate NY.

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    Hi Everyone,

    New member from Texas. Hope to enjoy all the forums.

  9. dwmckenney

    Go on and look at what Hillery is about to do on the arms treaty, if it is signed and our congress oks it it will be the begining of the end for our right to bear arms, call or write your congress man or woman and tell them not to vote for this. If this passes its only a matter of time for us to looseour guns.

  10. hello all. from Michigan. work on pipelines so never know where I will be next. funny thing about us pipeliners as most of us have guns and carry, but vote democratic? guess we spend to much time away from home.

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    St. Louis County, MO
    Welcome to all the newbies in this forum -- from beautiful Missouri.

    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
    G'day and Glock

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