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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    TN. says Hello!!!

  3. Hi to all forum members, a newbie from Missouri. k&j 223

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADJ423 View Post
    Hello from a newbie in central Nevada.
    Welcome to the site.. Why that looks like a M&P compact in your avatar. 9 or 40?
    How do you like it?

    I carry the full size M&P45 and love it, but I've been looking for a small carry piece for the summer. Let me know..

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Hello all new member here but long time CCW holder here

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    Hi, all! A new member from Indiana. Just found where to introduce myself. I've been carrying for quite some time now. My carry is, on most days , Glock 32 and on Sundays its a Glock 26. I usually OC. Here in Indiana we can carry either OC or CC. We also are the only state with a lifetime license. I'm also on the INgunowners forum and I'm a USCCA member. Looking forward to learning and talking with all of you.

    Take Care
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    I get up there quite often doing surveillance, etc.

  8. @toast 707: Texas allows fishing in it's State Parks...without a license...the entrance fee covers that little perk. Our CCW is allowed as well. Great State. Travel there often and camp in their over 100 State Parks, all very unique. Even Alligators.

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    Hello from a newbie from south Florida. Happy to be here!

  10. welcome to all!

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    Signing in from Southeast Michigan

    Hello All...Thanks for the invitation to what looks to be a very friendly and enthusiastic group of members enjoying, and gaining the benefit of what this Forum has to offer. I have only lurked here briefly, and found this place to be well worth the investment of a membership. So here I am...

    Little bit about myself; I am a Novice enthusiast in the Firearms world, and open minded to ingest ideals, as well as ideas. A Husband/Father for the second time with "6" children between myself and my Wife Jennifer. Skilled Trades in the manufacturing business is what I do. Everything outdoors is what I enjoy. Another pastime is strumming some notes on my Taylor 12 string.

    I look forward to browsing the Forums and learning, as well as sharing where I think I can.

    Thanks again...
    Kind Regards,
    Mark Landen

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