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  1. Checking in from Atoka, TN.
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    Thanks Pascal!
    I hear from T-Man that you passed Psychology with an "A" back in college, but as I understand it you had a dismal attendance record.

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    Good Evening! I'm new to this site. I live in southeastern Michigan and I'm just getting back into guns/hunting/etc. after many years of inactivity. Just bought a Baby Eagle .45 last week, my first auto handgun. I'm hoping to get started on CCW classes and application soon (budget permitting ). I look forward to gaining much knowledge from this community (and with any luck, giving back some,too). Thanks!

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    Hello to all. I am a newbie living in south MS. I am from Ga. I am happy to be a part of a forum of like minded folks and look forward to talking with and learning from all the veterans of the forum. I am a Army Veteran. Desert Storm Vet and member of the NRA. Again, good to be here and look forward too being an active member of the forum.I am still learning how to navigate the forum and would appreciate any comments from those who have been around for awhile. God Bless You All!


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    Hi Thwolf. What part of Utah are you from?

  7. triple post.

  8. triple post.

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    Hello from Iowa. Question I'm applying for a permit to carry and am aware that I have to take a firearms safety course. Which I think is great. On the application for the permit to carry it asks for a statement of justification. What would be a good reason? other than "because I want to" or sounding like a paranoid freak that might shoot anything that moves?
    Two simple words; Self defense.
    "Having a gun and thinking you’re armed is like owning a piano and thinking you're a musician". ~Jeff Cooper

  10. There is a company in Wisconsin, I think Color-Cote'? They paint guns, real ones. they even have one called the 'BLOOMBERG SPECIAL'. You might contact them for experience in dealing with the 'Eric Holder' Bureaucrats. Remember in 2010 and 2012, the enemy can be tossed out in the USA. Not so easy elsewhere..Cheers..

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    Salt Lake County.
    Good to know. Do you know of any groups that like to get together for target practice?

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