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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Mar 2010
    Page County-SW Iowa
    Hello from SW Iowa. I have had a Non-Professional Permit to Carry for about 30 years, but seldom carry because in my county, Page, I am only allowed to carry when the reason is the reason stated on my permit. Any other time, my 2nd Amendment Rights are being violated. Guess I'll just move to Missouri. I own a cross section of revolvers and pistols with my favorite being my Taurus PT 1911. I also have a new S&W M&P 15 OR in 5.56 NATO. Fun weapon. I hunt with black powder, high power, and handgun (Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull). I reload 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 30/06 Sprnfld, .38/.357, and recently acquired set of dies in .223. This looks like a great site and will probably check in on it a couple times a week, time permitting. See Ya!

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    Talking 1st post

    Howdy all. This is my 1st post, just wanted to say howdy! Got a lot of reading to do here

    Y'all take care.

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    Mar 2010
    rock hill south carolina
    I am visiting Florida and found this web site when I was wondering if my South Carolina permit is good in Florida, IT IS.

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    Feb 2010
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Hello, my name is Cannonade...

    Hello, my name is Cannonade and I am a new poster. Just found this site a week ago and love it! I have recently completed my CCW class and applied for my permit here in Colorado. After brousing the numerous informative posts, I see that I can still learn a lot! I have been shooting and hunting for 45+ years, but CC is another ball game! Thanks to you all for the great info!

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    I don't really know what to say... other than "hello". I am a hard-working, southern born 100% American. I believe in right and wrong, always striving to do the right thing in all areas of My life. I belive in the right to bear arms. I carry a S&W 681PC .357 mag. I like to hunt ( long guns, handguns and with a bow ), fish, cook, enjoy a good beer or glass of wine occasionally, and doing things with my own hands.
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    welcome to the new members
    The only bad gun, is a empty one.

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    Greetings to the newcomers. I am only about a month into this group. Good people here.


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    Yes, greetings to you all and welcome,
    I'm a CCW instructor and also working with Students for Concealed Carry On Campus.

    Carry Kimber Ultra CDP II .45 ACP, w/9mm Glock BUG.

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    Mar 2010
    Cicero, New York(Central)


    Hi all,
    I thought I had posted a msg on Friday 03-05-2010. Anyhow I, like a lot of folks am just getting started with our group. I'm actually excited since I'm not really a "joiner" but couldn't miss out on this org. Welcome aboard and I'll post a pic as soon as I figure out my WebCam problem.

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    Hi from a newby from Pennsylvania. I go by the handle echoawake and luckily stumbled accross this site.

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