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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello new to c.c. I carry a s&w 38 plus p lochlea

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    new member!

    Whats up? Proud to be part of the group. From Colorado just started carrying in January 2010!

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    Welcome to all new members from the **** (I am a PI) in upstate NY. (rochester).

    I am still looking for more comments on which auto (Small, W/Power, Light, for carry concealed). Always been a Pistola man. Did not trust the auto's but I have to change with the times I guess. Looking for a good buy fot the above. Have NYS Carry Permit and am going to take the Utah class tomorrow so I can carry in another 28 States.
    Good luck to all.


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    Nov 2009
    Stockton Springs Maine. Originally from Vinalhaven Maine
    Quote Originally Posted by mustangbullit012 View Post
    hi everyone. new to the site, but have heard many great things, and after reading, have also seen many great things. From the small statae of Delaware, and have my ccdw in DE, PA, UT, and FL. im very opinionated, but do admit when ive been had Look forward to joining in on threads in the futere.
    A quick hi, and welcome to mustangbullit Your state of Delaware is one of three that my state of Maine has reciprocity with. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will have much needed national reciprocity.
    All the best, and once again welcome.

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    hello to everyome new since i've last said hello. Pull up a char& sit a spell

  7. Howdy all, i jumped in here because i just took my c&c class today. Every thing went well test was easy. I,ll be getting my paper work soon then the check. Should pass the check been a good boy, i reckon. Going to see what,s happening on here. Plain ol ky. boy.

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    New member, first post

    I enjoy your site. I've owned an FIE TZ75 9mm since 1986. It's the FIE copy of the CZ75 and it's a great pistol. I got my CWP last year and now carry a Taurus PT709 Slim--much easier to conceal, especially with the new High Noon Hidden Ally tuckable IWB holster I got.

    You guys can probably save me some research time--I am a resident CWP holder in SC and I would like to know which state I could get a non-resident permit from to give me the most states reciprocity. Alternately, when do you think national reciprocity be available?

    Also, I'm looking to pick up a used Cell Pal holster. Most folks seem to think they're junk, and they're probably right. I'd just like to try one to see if it would suit me without spending much money. PM me if you want to get rid of one.

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    Hi everyone, I just signed on to the forum and look forward to contributing to the conversations once I learn my way around and get to hear what others are saying. I am an ex-Marine if there is such a thing and a combat veteran, and greww up when common sense wasn't uncommon. In the sixtires we knew that the Constitution was the Supreme Law of the land and the only authorized interpreter of all our laws.(Not the Supreme Court)

    While I am a strong advocate for states rights, no state has a right to regulate, or repress gun ownership. It is a right not a privilege a right we have fought every war for and will take on domestic enemies as well if we have to.

    How in the hell did the Federal Government insert itself into the regulation of firearms??? That in itself is a crime. There is good news though the sun is coming up again look at Wyomings new gun law where they are going to fine and incarcerate Federal personel for trying to restrict guns. Hopefully all other states will soon do the right thing and say to the ATF: "You murderers are out of business!". Gun restrictions gave us Ruby Ridge and Wacco, and remember the statutes on murder do not run out. It isn't too late to hang Clinton and Reno and their thugs. Naturally we will try and convict them first.

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    I just took the Utah Non-Resident Class today. Cost $80.00. Got all paper work done. NOw I send it to Utah BCI and should get my Carry Concealed Permit in a couple of months after a thourgh Back-ground check. This will allow me to carry in 28 more states besides my home state, New York. Check it out. Google Utah Pistol Permit.
    Good luck pal.


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    Hi, Rick here, new member from behind the lines, NYS! Have a full carry, which was very difficult to get, and a C&R, too.
    NY is the home of the NRA, and also the home of much nasty anti-gun stuff. My mission, take virgins to the range and get them shooting. So far, have gotten 7 or 8 non shooters into the shooting sports.

    Not alot of time to actually shoot, but there is a nice outdoor range, 24 positions, less than 15 miles north of Manhattan in Ardsley, called WCPRRL, Westchester County Police Revolver and Rifle League.

    Anyone with a badge shoots for free, membership is 125 a year, and guests are liberally welcomed.
    Of course, NYS laws suck, so good luck getting in unless it's an NRA sanctioned match, in which case you can carry in NYS.

    I belong to another range in Ct., which is just about 23 miles north of Manhattan. Ct. is much gun friendlier than NY,
    but anyway, back to work

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