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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    I understand your wanting max firepower, I have gone thru about the same senario myself, and I agree the 9mm is marginal on stopping power, it will stop a BG with one shot IF and thats a big IF that shots in the right place, as will a 22 LR if its in the right place, I have tryed a freinds 10mm Glock as you said a lot of power, but recoil is a lot, but ammo is to scarce to practice much, and when you do find it its a premium price, also testing has shown at short range, as in a home or office, a 10mm will go thru walls where a 9 or 45 may not, in the end its really what your comfortable with to carry, if you dont like to shoot the weapon you wont carry it so its useless, I and a bunch of others with a much more firearm experience, if you want the best stopping power, allthings considered, would advise the most efective CCW are a short barrell 357 for a revolver, and a 45 auto for pistol, for most unfortunate encounters at short ranges
    A .40 s&w is an excellent option as well. My recommendation to students is to shoot a variety of calibers and pick a firearm that works best for them.

    "A few well placed shots with a .22LR is a lot better than a bunch of solid misses with a .44 mag!" Glock Armorer, NRA Chief RSO, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloading Rifle, Muzzleloading Shotgun, and Home Firearm Safety Training Counselor

  3. Ccire

    Hello This is CCCIRE, \
    I would like to say hello to every body out there that believe we have a right to bear arms without fear of being arrested. I'm looking forward to learn as well as infor other about useful things. Thanks for having me .

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    Quote Originally Posted by willipat View Post
    I bought a Ruger LCP 380 today to use as my CCW gun. It's light and small enough to carry in my purse or pants pocket. Much lighter than my Springfield XD9mm subcompact, which is my favorite to shoot.
    I have a question about the ammo for it. I was reading the manual that comes with it and it said that to never load +p ammo in it. I'm wondering why? Of course I purchased 70gr Hollow Point +p before I had read the manual. Am I out the cost of the bullets or can I use them without worrying?
    ERR ON THE SAFE SIDE! Obey your gun manufacturer. They designed the barrel to safely withstand certain pressures--apparently those of standard ammo in your case. +P ammo develops higher pressures than standard ammo, causing the bullet to travel faster, provided, of course, that the barrel remains intact.

    A barrel failure will cause you serious injury or death! I'm sure a local gun store will trade ammo with you. BTW, check out Mag Safe ammo here: Mag Safe Ammo - Pre-Fragmented Saftey Ammunition Handcrafted In The USA

    Their ammo imparts more energy than anyone's, and the recoil is low. If this seems confusing, remember that muzzle energy = mass x velocity squared and that recoil is a function of mass only. Lighter bullets travel faster for a given powder charge, so they kick less and impart more energy than heavier bullets. Ask Mag Safe if their ammo is tested and approved in your gun. If so, carry it loaded in your pistol for defense, but practice with cheaper ammo.

  5. Smile Wyoming State Info

    Hello from the Minnesota Organgrinder -- the kind of man and music box that monkeys dance to.

    Please recheck your reciprocity information for WYOMING. On March 8th of this year, the NRA-ILA posted a notice that, "On Thursday, March 4, (Wyoming) Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) signed Senate File 26 into law. The Bill is effective immediately."

    "Sponsored by State Senator Cale Case (R-25) and State Senator Eli Bebout (R-26), SF 26 will reform Wyoming's concealed weapons permit laws regarding eligibility, reciprocity, and issuance of permits." "This bill will limit the Attorney General's ability to determine reciprocity by taking away his/her power to determine if that state has similar laws authorizing permits."

    The information contains a header that says, "Concealed Carry Reform Becomes Law in Wyoming."

    What a good example for all states to follow; Go Wyoming!!

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    I believe +P Ammo has higher Velocity but includes a more effective stopping power. I think your manufacturer wants a lesser velocity round so as to not damage barrel. Hope this helps.

  7. KS Newbie

    I am new to this site but not new to guns.
    I am trying to find other ways to shoot, other than my current training.
    Also looking for more information on the firearms that I own and use.
    My current kit includes M&P 15-22, DB380 and XD40.


  8. Just wanted to say hi from the state of Oklahoma. Hope to learn a lot from you guys.

  9. @MNOrgangrinder: I sent out emails supporting the Wyoming legislation before this decision.... Cale Case (R) ...Actually replied to me, although being from NM, we only pass through Wyoming on camping tours. His reply asked that we visit and enjoy Wyoming, and that we were very welcome any time. What a Great State,

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    Post Hello all at USA Carry

    My name is Doug I live in the great state of TN and I am new to the CCP . I carry Ruger P94. Yes, its big and bolky but its tru to me. I got my permit shortly after Obama was elected. I have a feeling of worry in my hart for our great country!! Every one have a great day!

  11. WhoDat checking in.... Been around guns all my life and enjoy the lifestyle of a GTF. Just wanted to say hi.

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