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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Saying hello

    I think this is the right place. I'm new here, my name is Larry, I'm here to learn. Thanks in advance to all.


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    Newbie from Cali

    Hello everyone I am glad to join you all

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    Good morning and welcome to all the new members out there .

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    I just joined after stumbling into this forum.
    I read the entire first encounter thread and I am very impressed with the information and the "staying on subject " ability of the members.
    Hoping to learn and contribute


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    Mar 2010
    Yuma, AZ

    Another new member...

    Hi gang!
    I’m another new guy and I’m from Yuma, Arizona. I’m fairly active over on DC, FL and Grant’s blog, but I’m always looking for something new.
    Dan O.

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    Hiyas..........I think Im a new member, re-registered anyway just in case. Same ole story old puter died an untimely death......I got older and forgot if was registered...........on and on, so on and so forth.
    But.........Im back and this time Im making notes, the lod kind we used to do with notebook and


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    Hi folks - Newbie :)

    Good to know kindred spirits. In any event, I joined the Army when I was 17. I retired as Captain with a Bronze star from Viet Nam as a combat platoon leader, so I have lived most of my life with a weapon by my side.

    I am presently living in Silver City, New Mexico, and wanting to get a concealed carry permit, which is how I discovered this site. Any guidance in this regard appreciated.

    Not sure if this is the right place for this "howdy" message.

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    Welcome to all the new members here!


  10. New to the forum

    Howdy all new to the forum just saying hey good to be aboard hope to learn a little something as I'm brand new to this hobbie but already hooked. I'm from southern Ohio and am fortunate enough to have a neighbor with a range right next door to me so I can walk to the target range great forum glad to be here

  11. @ Don Juan; "Good Mornin' Cap'n" (lyrics from 'Mule Skinner Blues':>). We enjoy silver City, Beautiful part of the State of New Mexico, "The Land Of Enchantment". A good friend from the past was a (medical reason) retired Captain, platoon leader. Lost his voice due to throat cancer (Hooch blankets?) and spoke through a 'Darth Vader' device. (as we all called it:>) We often went to our own 'arroyo' range together. He brought his M1 Carbine for fun :>) I sold him a little Czech 32 semi-auto. He caught a 'Bad Guy' one night while 'on patrol' (insomnia) while carrying. His 'Darth Vader' voice in the blackness of night, scared the bad guy 'to ground' immediately. Cap'n was a Fun guy.. for a friend.:>)

    Here on this link, was my experience being Certified for NM CCW. We are looking forward to getting ready to go for re-cert this fall, Enjoy, we all had a good time.. 'Blackwater' combat experienced Instructor...the Best..
    Da Flikkers: Firearm Concealed Carry Permit

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