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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello everyone from, MD

    just registered today and glad to be a part of this forum group.

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    LOL Hell yeah, there's even a southerner's only community :)

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    Apr 2010
    Idaho. In a place where I can walk out my front door and shoot anytime I want.

    Thumbs up New member hello.

    I'm a new member here but have been interested in reading everyone's posts on a variety of subjects for a while. I believe I would be referred to as a Lurker. Sounds like someone who might peek in windows at night or something, so I won't be calling myself that. I carry in Idaho and have been doing so for 15 years. Hello to everyone and I will be talking to you all soon. Thanks.


  5. @wlf94rt: spent enjoyable summers in Northern Wisconsin. Have family in Euclair. Great state. Keep writing your sens and reps to get some good 'Carry' legislation. Milwaukee seems to run the entire state, so send them lots of letters :>)

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    Howdy from Texas

    Greetings, all. New forum member here.

    I'm also new to the CHL scene (still waiting on my plastic) but not new to firearms. Looking forward to learning a thing or two.
    NRA / TSRA

    Who is John Galt?

  7. Howdy, Just joined this site, hoping to find some good information here.I have had a NY state full carry permit since 1986. I am a former NY state Hunter Safety instructor and have worked as an Armored car guard. I compete in Cowboy action shooting since 1997 . Other hobbies are reloading ammo and gunsmithing my own firearms.

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    Mar 2010
    Washington State near Seattle

    Hello From Washington State

    Just decided to contribute.


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    Hi all , been lurking for a few days and got adicted , so i joined , "great site" !

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    welcome new folks .

  11. Hello Everybody, I just started going college to get my degree in criminal justice thought I would also join on this site!

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