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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetfueller View Post
    Thanks to all you fine gents and ladies who made me welcome and I'd like to pass on the welcome to all who came behind me.
    It's Gods job to judge the terrorist, it's ours to arrange the meeting.

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    Name: Scott
    Occupation: Former Military / Small Business Owner
    Hobbies: Writing / Reading
    Education: BS from USMA (West Point)

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Welcome to Stan, Charlie, Johenz, and MNick!

    And, 6SC is right! +2 to gun porn. Set up an album in your Profile and post some pictures! There's a group here that're kinda found of guns in the grass....

  5. Hello Usacarry..

    Hello From Michigan here and been here looking around and found the time to join up...

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    Another Michigan Representative, Very Cool WElcome...
    Semper Fi

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    Smile Hi

    Hi Y'all. I am a new member from Atlanta GA. I bought my first handgun and last month became a concealed carry permit holder.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Welcome, XDM40 and Avrohom

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    Welcome new members!


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    May 2010
    Indiana/New Haven
    Hi all, I'm from Indiana and new to guns for the most part. Hadn't owned or handled a firearm since I got out of the service in 75. I got interested in shooting about a year ago, and now have 5 handguns, 3 rifles, and 2 shotguns. I have a Indiana LTCH and conceal carry daily.

  11. hello to all. I'm a newbee from NE,TN and very new to computers as well . Not too new to guns , but haven't shot much in many years.Still have my very first one,(glenfield mod. 60)and a ruger 10/22,a 50 cal. BP and a Browning .25 auto pistol. About 6 weeks ago my (not liking guns ) wife ,came home after work and stated we should consider getting our CWC permit. After helping me off the floor,we started researching info. about it, and have gotten her a new Firestorm .380 along with a Walther P22, and for myself ,i got a Ruger 357 mag.I am sure i will have some questions, but for now i may just wonder around reading. Thank you for your greetings.:

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