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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello from SC - I've got a lot of reading to do!

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    Greetings from the Bluegrass.

    Looks like a great site! Sorry I didnt find it sooner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
    Hi all I'm new here from Michigan, Looks like a good place to increase my education of concealed carry. Glad I found this site.
    Welcome. I'm relatively new to this site too. I used to live in Michigan years ago in a town called Alden. How is the Michigan government towards gun ownership these days? I get the feeling they are kinda hard on CCW holders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FORDMAN0781 View Post
    I will share my experiences when I get some. I'm very new to gun ownership, so my experiences are limited. I just filed for my concealed carry permit in FL, should be here in a few weeks.
    Would it be a fair guess that you used to live in Dearborn & retired from Ford?
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  6. First post from Lemon Grove, Kalifornia. We're leading up to the primary elections here and working hard to get a new sheriff elected. We have an incumbent appointee, due to the old Sheriff leaving mid-term, cleverly leaving his Undersheriff to take over. Fortunately, instead of describing him as "incumbent" he is listed as "appointed."

    We have two viable candidates running against him. Both of them are pro-issue of CCW permits. Meanwhile I travel with permits from FL, UT and VA.

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    Welcome to all the newcomers from the Outback (ND)! Glad to have ya'll.
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    Welcome everybody, from NW Florida

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    New member here from southern Oregon...

    I see a number of familiar names from other forums.

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    Welcome to all the new members!


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    I second that welcome to all. Hope you find the site to your liking. Am almost a newbie also to the site. TKO, I live just 20 miles north of your fine state near Marshville(East of Charlotte a bit). We have a gathering coming up the first weekend in Oct. Hope you can attend and participate. PM for details--and anyone else who would like to come. We eat well, have the ranges to ourselves, have "classes" on subjects of interest, and demonstrattions of all kinds. Swap meets and BS circles go on also. We have been meeting twice yearly for about ten yrs. Kind of like a mini family reunion of folks who want to be able to survive most anything and protect their family in a shtf scenario.

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