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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi ALL

    Hello fellow CCW's,

    I've had my CCW for almost two years but haven't carried because of restrictions on my job.
    I believe deeply in the 2ndA and this looks like a wonderful forum.

    I was googling around to find out about the 1986 ban -FOPA-. Fopa itself was very good in many respects but that darned Hughes amendment ban on post 1986 full autos for civilians just doesn't seem fair. I came upon the forum while researching and just HAD to join.
    Bohemian- I love the fire you've put into the fight to change the law!

    As the name states I have a Curio and Relic FFL. In Missouri, the powers that be allow NFA weapons but they don't really have a formal state process for checking you out in that regard so they figure if they make you get SOME sort of FFL the feds will check you well enough that Missouri will rubber stamp your ability to own NFA weapons.

    Thanks for being here,


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    JSDinTexas Guest

    Hello From Texas

    I'll throw my welcome hat in the ring and say howdy to all the new USA Carry people that have joined recently.

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    Hello usacarry.

    I just signed up for my concealed carry class in NC for August 7th. Im new to carrying a gun, but not new to shooting them.

    Iv had my Glock 27 for about 4 years and am very proficient with it. I dont know why i didnt take the class when i first got it, but here latley there has been a spree of crimes in my apartment complex including b&e and several armed robberys. Iv always wanted my concealed permit but have put it off for far to long. its time to act.

    anyway, my name is Dustin

  5. hello, everyone! I like anstrony and often use green laser pointer to pointer the sky.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jsdinTexas View Post
    I'll throw my welcome hat in the ring and say howdy to all the new USA Carry people that have joined recently.
    Me too! Welcome everyone. We look forward to your stories, your info, and just plain ole good company.

    Oh, and pictures!! We love pictures!! LOL!!

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Welcome Dustin and Austinly! Like Gov5 said, we love pictures

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    Hello all

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    Hi newbie here from Kennesaw Georgia
    I fear a government that fears my gun.

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    Oct 2008
    The Heart of Dixie
    Quote Originally Posted by budone1967 View Post
    Hi newbie here from Kennesaw Georgia
    The town of Kennesaw is legendary around here!! Welcome to the site!

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    Hi everyone :) i am new to the forum(s) and look forward to learning and sharing ideas and knowledge with others. I live in Colorado and hope to bring a Rocky Mountain perspective to the forum(s).

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