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    Quote Originally Posted by go boom View Post
    I'm a fat, aging lady from NE Colorado. I'm an EX-liberal/hippy/antigunner. I've been shooting since the early '90s, and have 4 handguns: .22, 9mm, .257, and .45. Hubby is the long-gun guy.

    He gave me the 9mm, a Glock 17, for my birthday, along with a great tactical pistol/concealed carry class. Boy, was that fun, except for the 103 deg. temperature at the outdoor range...

    Now if I can just find a good way to carry. When your waist sticks out as far as your chest does, printing can be a problem!
    Hello from the Lone Star State. First thing I thought about was maybe a fanny pack - no print there.

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    New to site, not to shooting or carry, great site.

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    1. Quote Originally Posted by sixgun44.40 View Post
      Hi everyone :) i am new to the forum(s) and look forward to learning and sharing ideas and knowledge with others. I live in Colorado and hope to bring a Rocky Mountain perspective to the forum(s).
      There's a few of us here, but more are always welcome. Welcome to the site!!

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    Smile Erie County

    I applied for my conceal carry in Erie County on June 16th and was told 6 to 8 months and got it on July 30th I was not expecting it so fast especially in Erie County. But I am very Happy that I was approved.

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    Welcome aboard go boom!

    Out curiosity, what led to your change from a liberal/anti-gunner to a pro-2nd amendment, non-liberal?
    NRA Benefactor Member
    'Never argue with idiots; they will drag you down to their level, and defeat you with experience!' --Dilbert

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    Welcome to all the new members! Glad to have all of you aboard...
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
    To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them... -- Richard Henry Lee, 1787

  8. hello everyone ,one of my bros just handed me a hipoint 45 auto .when i went to hand it back he said its ah present.then told me they run right around 200.00 bucks.awesome gun for the price. pass this on

  9. Also new from S.C. I too am impressed with the topics and responses, I've learned more about, and found more links to sites that were very useful. Thank you very much.

    I do have one question though - probably an oversight on my part! SC CCP - can we carry loaded, or not?

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    New Member from PA here

    Just wanted to post a quick HI to the members here.
    I'm Rick, I live in PA, and have recently gotten into handguns in the past several years (since moving out of NJ)
    I'm going to share my busily traveled path of pistol ownership over the past four years.

    So, my first pistol was a S&W SW40VE. Nice gun, but after learning more and reading a lot about the XD, I traded the S&W for the XD .45. I had that gun for a while, but decided I wanted to carry, and wasn't crazy about the pistol not having a manual safety - just my thing. Despite that, I loved that gun! Now that they offer the XD .45 with manual safety, I may look into that again in the future.

    So, after MORE reading, and shooting more at the range, I rented a plain jane Kimber series 1 and shot that one night. The thing shot awesome, and felt great in my hand. So...the new search ensues!
    I found a nice used full-sized Kimber stainless series I at a gun show and worked a deal on that.

    However...not seemingly happy enough with any of my purchases to carry to this point, at the time, I still had the XD and "new" Kimber. After shooting the Kimber quite a bit, I decided I wanted to carry a 1911, but a little smaller than the full-sized.

    I load the XD in the car, and off we go to Cabela's one night. Now, some may knock the next few statements, but I have to say, I'm very happy with my trade. I traded the XD for a High Standard Crusader Compact (4" barrel). Four guns in, and that's my carry gun. High Standard is made by Armscor, and they also make RIA (Rock Island). I know everybody has their opinions (esp on the 1911 board), but it's a good shooting, reliable gun!

    Oh...then I needed a Ruger .22 for plinking.

    Then, the search started for a holster. Rather than bore you with all that, I currently have a Crossbreed Supertuck and Nick Matthews #1.

    I also made a console holster to carry in my vehicle on longer trips, instead of on my body.

    I'm looking forward to learning more here, and will be feverishly searching shortly to find out what's required to travel to reciprocal states with my pistol.

    Thanks for reading, and sorry if I bored you!

  11. Hello everyone. I'm new here and new to guns. I don't currently own one but I'm doing my homework. Don't like to walk into something blind. I'm currently looking at an XD .40 subcompact or maybe a Taurus. Aside from the safety course(s), what do you all suggest?

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