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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    New Guy from KY

    Here's my first post here and I look forward to learning much and contributing to the overall discussion.

    Thanks for a great place to talk "CC"!!

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    Thumbs up Welcome

    A hearty welcome to all new folks. A pleasure it is to see folks joining and enjoying themselves. I trust this site will be beneficial to each of you.
    Preserve the 2nd amendment and firearms, THE NRA NEEDS YOU NOW!
    May the happiest day of your past, be the saddest day or your future.
    Today is the very first day of the rest of your life!

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    Join Date
    Aug 2010
    Las Vegas,NV, Kingstree SC
    Hey Rick! What part of LV?

  5. hi its art from newyourk whats new in the world today?

  6. Have Carry Concealed License in Alabama but will be traveling to Ohio .. Please Help

    This is my first post since joining. I have acquired a great amount of knowledge from you all. Thanks

    However i have a problem. I have a CCL in ALabama for which i live, but i am having to go to Ohio for a few months for my job. I know Ohio does not honor Alabama permits. How can i legally transport my gun once i enter Ohio. I want to keep it in my hotel room once i arrive. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Howdy from Western Colorado. Had my permit for about a year, now ACTIVELY gaining all the knowledge and training I can in these, shall I dare say, rather uncertain times.

    Thanks fir this great site!

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    Newest member from Phoenix signing in.

    While I am not new to the firearms world, I am here to learn from all of those who know more about this world then I do. I thank all those who put down hard work in order to create something like usacarry seem to be, a great place to be. And not mention a great place to meet new people who share my interest!

    I started shooting IPCS back in 2001 and are a proud member of the NRA.

    Now, enough talking, lets go for coffee before we hit the range!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wingman883 View Post
    Hi Group,
    A newbie from South Carolina here. I like to lurk awhile before I open my mouth so I've been reading some of the post. I have been very impressed with the topics and responses to them. I have just one concern. I know that this is an English only but I speak and right southern, is that OK?
    I don't see y'all having any issues with that.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by MAGNUMKASH View Post
    Hey Rick! What part of LV?
    I see you are from Kingstree. Did you grow up there? Is your primary residence Las Vegas now?

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    Welcome to all new members! Hope you all enjoy this site as much as I do. Lots of good info, discussion , and even some comedy/entertainment enjoy!

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