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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hello from TN! Glad to be a part of the forum!

  3. Newly concealed in nc

    Just got my mine and looking seriously at the Kel-tec pf9 with an inside waist holster. Suggestions are welcomed.

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    Aug 2010
    South of Chicago
    never officially introduced myself... so here it is...

    i'm Joe, 24, vote, and from the oppressed state of Illinois... also south side of cook county :(

    i own a Taurus PT100 40SW, Springfield XD 45ACP, Remington 700 (i know not that good of a rifle but a cheap toy non the less) in .308, Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 (inherited), 1 old single shot breach 12ga. shotgun (cant remeber make or model inherited from father), and a 22 rifle (also inherited)
    "Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it."
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." (Winston Churchill).

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    New owner in MA reporting. Armed and safe.

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Newbie From OHIO... Hi everyone...

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    Baton Rouge LA
    Hey fellas, newbie from Baton Rouge here currently hangin at as it is my home site.
    Moving back to St Pete Beach FL on the 1st of Nov so figured I'd sign up with some local boys.
    Looking forward to gittin to know Y'all

  8. hello from jackson tn.have only been in to hand guns and rifles about 7-8 months,,so ireally dont know anything yet,hope to learn from yall.i have a walther pk380 and a 1943 mosin nagant to start with,love to shoot.

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    Hello from a newbie from the Heart of Central Florida. Where we can carry and defend our home and love ones. Looking forward to reading and getting to know a bunch of folks exercising the 2nd amendment!

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    I'm a new guy to the forum. but at the age of 74 I can hardly call myself a newguy. :)
    I'm a retired fighter pilot with a couple of tours of Vietnam/Laos under my belt. Long time gunner, had my ccw since 1960 in NY state and 1956 in Mass. (It was easier there then)

    My carry gun is a Colt 1991 officer model in winter and a cute Bersa .380 the rest of the time. The wife has a J model S&W .38 spcl.

    While flying in the states I carred a Sentinel (high standard) 22lr for survival in a shoulder holster. Even had to eject from a disabeled fighter at 37,000 ft once and retained the snubby Sentinel. I hold onto it for sentimental reasons.

    Patron NRA member. NRA pistol, rifle, personal protection, etc instructor.

  11. Hello all. I just joined. I'm from Ohio. My standard carry is a Springfield 1911

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