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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. i am new to this site and i have a few questions that i hope someone can answer for me

  3. Hello all,just joined last night.Unfortunatly i live in Calofornia,but i am one of the lucky ones to have a ccw.Fortunitly i live in a town thats 2A friendly,well at least the sherriff is pro gun pro 2A.
    Hopefully in a year or so the family an i can leave this state.Destination......Oregon.

    Thanks for having me.Hope to learn something new and in return mabey add some knowledge....
    Kevin (javabum)
    Stupidity Should Hurt.....Immensely

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    New member

    Thanks for having a place where it is comfortable to discuss carrying a concealed weapon!

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    JSDinTexas Guest

    Just a Big Howdy from Texas

    I have been off the site for awhile so it's time to renew my WELCOME TO ALL NEW CARRY FRIENDS.
    I hope you find this site as informative, interestng, and entertaining as I do.

  6. Hi, New Member

    Hi, I just signed in from Durham, NC. I'm part of a couple of other forums if my signon looks familiar. All NC citizens here; please check out & support Grass Roots NC, 1 of our best state level organizations.

    I am please at some of the progress NC has made with CCW, though it is still risky to OC in many places.
    "Armed to the Terror of the Public" needs to be scrapped, or at least rewritten to remove subjectivity. As I understand it, I could OC on a street in most towns & be legal. I pass by some people who are not bothered by my weapon, great. I pass by someone who gets nervous and frightened, I get charged. I did nothing wrong.

    Every gunowner in this state should keep pressure on his legislators & officials at every level to correct such statutes, enact a Castle Doctrine, & expand the rights for CCW & OC in general.

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    Thumbs up Happy

    Im happy to be in Alabama. We have very reasonable laws here. You do not have to jump through flaming hoops to be able to protect yourself. ROLL TIDE!!!!
    "If at first ya dont succeed, hit it harder, or get a bigger hammer"

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    New member from Louisiana I reconize a few names her from other places.

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    Oct 2010
    Dallas TX, DON'T mess with Texas!
    Howdy boys,
    I'm Moby from Dallas Texas. I'm in the process of getting my CHL for my self and my Mrs.
    In Texas many carry in their trucks but I think its time to get the license. What with all the border violence and such.

    Found your site and it looks like a bunch of well behaved gentelmen. LOTS of great info in here.
    Appreciate ya'lls time and I'll try to only ask intellegent questions.

    The very first one being...has anyone got some feed back on this cell phone pal holster?

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    Welcome from Dixie

    Welcome!!!! I used to live just south of Dallas, in Stephenville. I do miss the LoneStar State! What kind of gun ya got?
    "If at first ya dont succeed, hit it harder, or get a bigger hammer"

  11. hi its hammy welcome to all the new guys and girls.

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