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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by SEMPERFIDELUS8403 View Post
    Ya... I am currently working on an Associates Degree in Applied Fire Science. Been on the local volunteer department for 3+yrs What is your role on the team? (I know paid departments break it up into companies) Were just expected to do everything, actually have been the only 1 to show up at a call....
    We have a 66 member department, 5 stations, 5 engines, 2 ladder trucks, 1 support vehicle, 1 command vehicle. I drive and pump Engine 651. 18 years in.

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    Thumbs up Wow!!!

    Wow!!! We have 2 stations, 3 pumpers (2001 peirce, 1985 GMC, and a 1975 Ford lol), a Jaws van from 85, and n equipment van from like the 70s lol I think we have like 25 on the roster, but most never come to a fire. I have only been doing it for just over 3yrs, but have been around it all of my life
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    Semper, you are in a big dept--lol. We had one tanker/pumper, one pumper, one brush truck, and one ambulance. We relied on mutual response to get more equipment onto a scene. Worked very will.

  5. Please say hey to a new member in Seattle - me. I am honored to be a part of USA Carry and hope to add some perspectives not yet thought of. At least I will strive to do so. I am a Life NRA member and love my Taurus 9mm. Bless you all and tty on the forums.

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    Welcome Creoleboy from SC. Glad to have you onboard!
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    Thumbs up wow

    We are a small rural department. Some calls we have been over 20 miles, sometimes 30 miles, out of our town. Sad part is we are one of only 2 departments in the county with Jaws of Life equipment! We may have 25 on the roster, but only around 4 show up regularly. I am working on a degree so maybe I can get on a paid department somehow. Hopeing for a quiet night lol
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    Welcome to all the new members!


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    New to this site but not to firearms forums and blogs....

    Hello all,
    I am new to this site but not to the forums. I hope to be able to contribute to this group like i do to the others i belong to.

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    hello everybody,new guy from iowa. going to look around for awhile.see you all soon.

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    Welcome to the newbies to the site from Dixie!!
    "If at first ya dont succeed, hit it harder, or get a bigger hammer"

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