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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Talking Hello from South Carolina.

    Hi all,

    Newb here. Great site and info. I hail from Greenville, SC area. Also run a SC-only gun forums (that ok to mention that?)

    Looking forward to learning lots here.


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    May 2010
    McAlester, Oklahoma
    Welcome to all the new members and the old members who finally posted.

    Be absolutely certain go get out on Nov. 2 and vote for those candidates who support the Second Amendment. Our votes, or failure to vote, on Tuesday will have long reaching effects on our rights.

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    Hello From Royal Oak, Michigan

    Hello, found this site like I have with all the other firearms sites - search engines. I am active in the Open Carry and Firearms Online Communities in MI: OCDO (Open Carry DOT Org), MOC (Michigan Open Carry DOT Org), and MGO (MI Gun Owners DOT Org).

    Notable Involvements: Involved in resolving the unlawful "No Firearms" provision in the Royal Oak Arts, Beats, & Eats Festival Contract.

  5. Thumbs up Greetings to All

    Hello from Sun Cty West, AZ. A new resident from Dayton, Ohio. Looking forward to being part of the exchange of dialog on this most important issue.

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    Hello from Northern VA... great site, definitely the result of a great membership!

  7. New member

    Hello all,

    Just wanted to post a newb alert. I look forward to interacting with everyone on the site.

    Thank you,

  8. just found this site, got my CCW last May here in Iowa, started carrying, am going for Utah non-resident in Dec. of this year, some of you that ride Motorcycles may recognize me as I use the same name where ever I go, looking forward to learning a lot form you older guys..I turned 70 last July

    admit nothing, deny everything

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    i need to know something i have a ga firearms license do that give me the right to carry my hand gun open and on my side

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    Apparently I've been a member for 2 years and never made a post, well whatya know. Live in Kansas had a CCW for about 3 years, Do a lot of shooting and prowling on gun forums.

  11. hello

    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    The first one got to big and was hanging up the database when I was trying to do some maintenance. I deleted it and started this new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.
    Just logged in and saying hello. Hope everyone are doing fine and keeping safe out there.

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