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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Smile Hey All

    Just decided to intro my self, so here I am. Oregonian always but unfortunately stationed at Fort Drum, NY with the Army. Currently a Glock 30 and a Franken-Gun that started out as a Bushmaster XM-15, but will be getting a barbecue gun when I get back home, probably a Sig P229 Equinox in .357 Sig :D Big fan of OC and I always do when I'm back home in OR.

    I'm almost entirely into the defensive shooting, so I go by minute of pie plate at the range. Any who, hope to have some good times here and stay updated on the OR situation while I'm not there. I'm also on the OCDO forums as DenWin. Hope to see some good stuff while I'm here!

  3. Hello

    My name is Dave and live just outside of Billings Montana. I fly a corporate airplane and have a carry permit to protect my passengers and crew. The issues I have are federal as well as varied state laws sometimes it is a little hard to keep track. I feel that this web site may help with some of my concerns. Any information is good information.
    Thank You

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    Talking Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm from the Chicago area and just found out about this group. Looks like a lot of good intel on the forum, so I'm happy I joined,.

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    Red face I am a newbie to this site

    I have a MASS CCW and UTAH non-resident CCW. My MAS CCW went through in 7 working days. I think my being there during the paperwork at the police station and the Sargeant was two weeks older than I was helped. I asked for a class A only on the basis it was my right and I really didn't want to get confused with the rules of the class B license. I am very pleased. I think this site is the most important site, other than the NRA for us that have a CCW. I thank you all for the advice. When giving an officer your license and regis, give him the CCW as well. Good advice.

    Glad to be here as a bronze member. Jim

  6. Dan 308

    I am new to this Forum & i know i will injoy it.

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    Sep 2010
    Oregon, we live where it never rains <ha-ha>
    Hi all, names Asa, retired to Oregon December 05 after 40 years in Fairbanks Alaska. What a shock, police everywhere, crappy drivers running rampant, <sigh> just like Fairbanks.



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    Personal introduction-jimmyjohn

    Hello, fellow members. This is my introduction to the group. I have been shooting large bore pistols since I was twelve years old and still don't have a .22 but I put about 10k through my Fathers high standard when I was in college. I have sent about 150k rounds down range over the years 60k was .45 ACP, that does not include shot gun or hunting ammo. Apparently I have been pretty frugal, the top shot in our club spends $17,000/year on practice ammo.
    Some of the finest people I have met were "gun people". I have belonged to several private and public ranges and clubs over the years and it is still a thrill to punch paper.
    I started carrying after a car high jacking attempt, the police desk Sargent explained to me that it was my own fault they didn't even go into that part of town at night. If any of you are police officers please don't be offended, I was taught to respect police officers and always have, I wasn't happy about what he said but I understood it. I think the Sargent did me a favor it was a wake up call. We are responsible for our own protection and by not utilizing a talent/tool that I had acquired over the years I was shirking my responsibility to my family. I had a home invasion robbery about 6 months later and because the .45 was out of the big safe loaded in a quick safe I made the nightmares go away.
    Maybe that is too much personal information but to me guns are good things.

  9. Hello:
    This is Rone at, (::: Welcome to :::) is Texas based through, (::: Welcome to :::) Our objective is to provide you with the safest, fastest,inexpensive, method of protecting yourself and your family. Our Texas/Utah based program is tailored to fit your needs. WE COME TO YOU in any state that is reciprocal to Utah, allowing out of state certification. Home, office or board room setting, we will tailor a program to fit your needs. The Utah 4 hour program is receiving nation wide acclaim, so contact us today. (Pay Pal provided for your convenience!)
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    NRA Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Pistol

  10. Hi all,
    Joined some time ago and forgot about it. I am in the central Maine highlands, pretty much out in the boonies.
    I open carry most everyday unless I have to go to town. Then I switch to CC. I have found OC to be plenty of deterrent and haven't had to draw on anyone, so far. That's the way I like it.
    Of course it helps to surprise them. I'm talking poachers here, of one sort or another.

    Glad to be here
    Molon Labe

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    New to this site but not new to our rights as Americans. 24 year Navy vet and was in the little conflict 40+ years ago . Glad to be in a site where people are real.

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