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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Found this site mentioned on Free Republic. Decided to look into it.

    I've been carrying for over 5 years, ever since Ohio allowed CCW. My carry firearm is a Kimber 1911.

    I've been a target shooter ever since high school, when I was president of the school rifle club. I still shoot regularly, rifle and pistol, at my local gun club. I also shoot asirsoft in my basement.

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    Wow, what a bunch of great new members. Welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome from Aiken SC. Lots of good info and good people.

  5. Do not know what do to in california

    Hello Fellow 2nd amendment believers. First time I have posted. Good old boy from West TEXas but live in the facist land of Californa. Wife keeps me stuck here.

    Any way. I was wonder if someone could point me to the right thread. I would like to get a permit in California, I know it is next to impossible. I want to follow the law, but I work In East Palo Alto and San Jose where I do finaning of automoblie for people that have realy bad credit. Because of this I sometimes have to repo the car because of non payment of non fulfilment of the contract. I did carry in my car glove box but had a lock on it, but my wife was scared for me and asked me not to carry it anymore. I do nave cop friends but there advice has been to carry but no saying anything. Better to have 6 rounds vs 12 nails in a coffin. That is what they said. What do you guys/gals think.


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    Welcome rmclarkson-try your questions in either the concealed carry or california threads-I'm sure your questions will get answers in those.

  7. Our President has reminded me of our need to be close to God and gun. Yes I cling to them. From left to right, the King James and my gun. In that order, I am right handed.
    rone, @ ( Texas/Utah and the other lower 30
    (we travel anywhere to get you licensed)
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  8. New member

    Sounds and looks like a great site to be part of. Living in York, SC. I am a NRA member, a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a SC Certified CWP Instructor. Also belong to the North/South Skirmish Association. Currently shoot a Enfield .58 Musket and a Remington .36 Revolver in competition. Don't shoot blanks. [I] am also a Goodguys Rodders Rep for SC. Hey when your retired, ya have to stay busy. One reason I have joined, other then meeting other shooters, is to pass on a less then desirable experience I have had with a gun dealer. Discount Guns in Vanwyck, SC pulled a good one on me, just want to pass it along as a warning to others. I had a Springfield Sub-Compact 9mm with a Crimson Trace. Found it a little too bulky for summer carry, decided I would trade if for another gun at Discount. Tom had given me a $550.00 credit. Looking for a single stack, I went through a couple of guns that were defective. After several weeks, I attended the Fort Mill show, and walked up to his table. he had a Taurus 9mm Slim in a box with all the paper work. This was offered as a replacement for the other two pieces of junk he was trying to sell. My fault now, bad light, didn't disassemble the gun to look closely, I incorrectly thought this was a new gun. The price was #399.00 I took the gun, and said I would be by the store to clear up the difference in price, that I thought was $150.00. When I went to the store, he had a holster for it, a cheapo, but what the heck. When I asked about the additional money, he said there was now, that the Taurus was a even swap for the Springfield. Needless to say, my mouth dropped. he said he didn't get much for the Springfield when he sold it. Right, a $700 package, he says he sold for under$500. The end result, I walked out, have told my students, friends, club members. Now, I have to send the gun back to Taurus for repair. Please, be careful when dealing with this company.

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    Smile Howdy from Wyoming

    I'm a certified firearms and self defense instructor. I carry (mostly) an XD compact .45 - sometimes my old faithful Ruger SP101 .357M. I mostly carry openly, which is well accepted and unremarkable here in NE rural Wyoming... even though I'm a 64 year old, 5 ft tall woman!!

    And yes, occasionally I do get some strange looks - especially from the tourists.
    NRA Certified instructor: handgun, self defense, CRSO (retired 2017)

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    Hello Everyone. I am a father of 3 beautiful girls, a US Army Veteran, and a volunteer Firefighter/EMT. I list father as my first cridential because I believe my first responsibilty is to my family. I am an avid outdoorsman, and a firm believer in my 2nd Amendent right to keep and bear arms. I own several firearms, but cannot legally carry in Minnesota, my current state of residence. I am going through the long and expensive process to get my carry permit right now. My goal is to move my family back to South Dakota (God's country), where people have more common sense and a profound understanding of what it is to be decent, honest people! I came here looking for regulations on concealed and unconsealed carry, but found much much more.

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    Hello to one and all. As per my screen name love the .41 mag. Anybody out there know where we can buy bulk .41 mag ammo. I reload but find that factory ammo is scarce but it you find it its about $1.10 a round.

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