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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    greetings from the east edge

    first post, hello all

  3. Newbie from Gainesville, Fl

    I have my CC license and we have a better (RKBA-wise) Governor now--so maybe it's time to include open carry in my reading list. Hope, hope. Nice to be here.

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    Hi all, from NC. Eight weeks into a twelve week wait for my concealed carry permit.

  5. New to this forum, getting older everyday (thank God)

    Hello Everyone,

    Not much on typing long messages. Shot some 20+ years ago, bought my first motorcycle in Dec.2007, got parkinsons Feb. 2008, talk about luck but you just got to keep going so now I'm getting back into guns, eventhough I'm not the steadiest, I'm not "dangerous" to anyone. (yet) ha!

    Bought a Springfield Armory XD 45 acp about a month ago, went this past Saturday (Nov. 6) and signed for a class to get my carry permit, still have to get the photo taken and pay to enjoy the right to keep and bear arms ??????? Looking at some of the mouseguns, like the Ruger LCP just wish it had some real sights and stays open after last shot, kel-tec is ok too but looks a little cheaper and again no stay open after last shot feauture. Also been looking at the Sig Sauer P238, little bigger but very good looking gun. Any thoughts?

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    Newby here....

    Hi all, I've been snooping around the site and have found it to be very imformative. I plan on being here for quite some time.

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    Howdy! New Member Here

    Howdy all. I've been lurking here a while (actually a long while - since went away!) and enjoy talking about firearms, firearms training and concealment. I work in Milwaukee (CCW not allowed in WI) and in Scottsdale (no permit required for CCW in AZ) so I face some challenges. Anyway, thanks for all the informative discussions! Hopefully I can share some info too.

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    Nov 2010
    Southern Arizona
    Greetings from Southern Arizona,

    looking forward to new ideas, and old ones I have forgotten in relation to handguns and shooting related issues.

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    Welcome to all the new members!


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    Hello to ALL from EarlyRiser in Michigan.

  11. Hello from the Smokey City

    Got my CC permit this year and have been looking for info on choosing CCW etc. From what I read on this forum there is a lot of expertise. Thanks for having me.

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