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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. New Member, and supporting Barack 'Osama - gun salesman of the year' I saved my pennies and bought a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Would like suggestions for the best IWB or waist-band holster for this beauty - think I want leather for better comfort & smooth fit? Im a slender but tall guy. Thanks!

  3. Hello everyone

    New to the gun world so i will be here learning things
    thanks for the welcome

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    Concealment recommendation Taurus PT709 slim

    Quote Originally Posted by dadwoodsr View Post
    Any comments on: Kel Tec, high Point, and Taurus concealed models in 9mm, .40 or .45?

    Other suggestions welcome for best concealment choice

    Money is tight and quality is significant -- thanks
    That is my recommendation easy to carry easy to shoot accurate dependable not too expensive. I have 1000 rounds through mine and I still like it.

  5. Spike32 Checking In

    Came across this site and really like it. Have been carrying for about 20 years in SEVA and anywhere else my VA, UT and NH permits allow.

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    Aug 2010
    New from Massachusetts, semi-retired, US Army Infantry 1968 to 1970, Vietnam January 69 to January 70. Own two 22 caliber pistols, also a GLOCK 23 (forty caliber) and have a conversion barrel and magazine to a 9mm coming Fed X. The forty is too big a caliber for the wife, so for $128.00 changing it to a 9mm hoping she will get practise with it. Also wanting to buy a lever action rifle in 22 caliber (maybe a Henry) after the Holidays, maybe Santa will be good to me? Retired and Loving it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HackerHaus View Post
    Greetings from a chilly Arizona.

    - - -
    USAF Veteran | NRA Member | 1911 Fanatic
    CHILLY! FROM ARIZONIA? You want chilly you should wake up on a February morning after the wood stove burned out during the night, now that's CHILLY! Hope to find out what an Arizonia chill is when the wife retires.

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    Nov 2010
    Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States
    Hello from Port St. Joe, FL
    I am a disabled Army Veteran of Desert Storm.
    I am a supporter of returning open carry to Florida.
    My blog promotes freedom, patriotism, and exposes government restrictions on our rights.
    SIG P220 CARRY

  9. Talking Hello from North Carolina

    New to USA Carry but not new to guns.

    Retired Twice and now working on my 3rd career and doing my wood working for fun.

    Target Shooting with rifles and pistols is my next favorite hobby.

    Looking forward to read and share experiences.

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    New member

    Hello all. Just joined today and wanted to introduce myself. Looks like a great web site with a lot of use ful info. I have a concealed carry permit issued in AZ. Taking a trip this summer to CA on Harleys. Looking for info about CC laws there. Glad I found this site. Take care


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    Thumbs up AirForce20

    Greetings to all. Happy to join this fraternity. Had CCW for 3yrs and feel good about it. I'll read comments
    and later make some of my own.

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