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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Nov 2010
    Sunny Indianapolis

    New Member

    Hello, from a new member in Indianapolis, In.

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    Central Florida
    Will do, sir. Good evening, everyone, from North Florida.

  4. Hey there New Gun Owner but not new to guns. spent 4 years in the US Navy as a Gunnersmate.I issued, cleaned, preformed maintenance on and taught others how to shoot various kinds of small arms. i currently live in Littlestown, PA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike32 View Post
    Came across this site and really like it. Have been carrying for about 20 years in SEVA and anywhere else my VA, UT and NH permits allow.
    Are those .32NAA rounds pictured in your avatar?

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    Hello from south Louisiana!

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    Murfreesboro, TN

    Hello from Madiganistan!

    Known to most people as Illinois. Glad I found the site!


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    HELLO Newbie FROM massachusetts, have you heard the song 'I LIKE GUN'S', song by Steve Lee, written by him too! It's on u-tube. can't seem to get it out of my head. Very up bet song, take a lesson, you'll like it I'm sure. Tip of the day: I use old q-tips by cutting the ends off, (on an angle) with dikes, wire cutters, razor, etc. They make a great point OF CARDBOARD to get into a corner (whithout scratching anything). Don't both cleaning it, just snip off a 1/4 inch and your good to go again. A lolly-pop stick is the same but bigger diameter.

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    I have CCW in Arizona as well, and have traveled to CA with my weapon (and plan to do so again next week). The bottom line is: unload it, put the ammo in the glove compartment, and lock the (UNLOADED) firearm in a Pelican case (I remove the mags and lock the slide back, just to make it obvious), then lock the whole kit and kaboodle in the trunk. Don't even THINK of carrying concealed.

    I already feel like my AZ plates paint a big enough a target on my back while I'm there... I don't want to give any CA LEOs a reason to confiscate my 1911 or accuse me of a felony for doing something that is not only legal, but enlightened, in Arizona.

    This should get you started: Traveling with Firearms in California - Bureau of Firearms - California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General
    USAF Veteran | NRA Member | 1911 Fanatic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob & Wife View Post
    CHILLY! FROM ARIZONIA? You want chilly you should wake up on a February morning after the wood stove burned out during the night, now that's CHILLY! Hope to find out what an Arizonia chill is when the wife retires.
    Hey, it's a dry... chill... right?

    I grew up in Iowa and lived in Northern Japan for 5 years (even bivouac'd half nekkid near Mt. Fuji in the dead of winter once). As you can see by my current residence of choice, I've had enough of real cold.
    USAF Veteran | NRA Member | 1911 Fanatic

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    JSDinTexas Guest

    Yee-ha and howdy!

    A tip of the hat and a BIG HOWDY from Deep in the Heart of Texas to all new members who obviously understand what the 2nd amendment is really about.

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