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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello everyone. I am a new member in Va.

  3. Hey, all.

    I've been a member for a while but just check for updates now and then. I hold MA & RI cc permits since 1978, easier to get then than now. I'm prompted to write because a long time friend from KY just wrote me about his first pistol purchase and range experience with a Beretta 40S&W and asked for important web site links. I wrote him this is the second most important place to join after he sends his membership application to the NRA.

    Thanks for all the great information and links.

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    Nov 2010
    west palm beach florida
    hi i am eddie i am new to this site i am from florida.

  5. Hi,

    New member, absolutely new to firearms and CCW, getting papers to RI AG, then on to MA & UT licenses.

    Digging my Kimber Ultra RCP II. I used it to qualify in RI required target proficiency test. For less that 10 hours shooting practice total. Scored 202 on Army L target with three inch barrell and a trench/trough sight. I think there's hope for me yet.


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    Feb 2010
    GWVet would be Gulf War Veteran or Desert Storm Veteran as I call it.
    US Army Veteran
    Desert Storm 90-91'

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    Aug 2010
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Hello from Illinois, one of the last two holdouts on CCW. I have a Utah CCW so far.

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    Welcome to all new members! Enjoy the site lots of good info and people.

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    welcome everybody, it seems that this site is becoming more popular by the day....It is a great place to ask questions and learn pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about firearms. Welcome!!

  10. New guy here from South Florida. I transplanted from the Republic of NJ 23 years ago. Partly because taxes were abusive and services non-existent. Gun laws in Florida favor the gun owner. I have had my CCW for 23 years and carry everywhere that is legal. I am a high school science teacher of 38 years and I am only one of maybe three conservatives on staff. Not all academia are liberals. I hope to learn a lot from this forum and maybe contribute once in a great while.

  11. Cool


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