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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. noob here

    Hi all hoping to glean some knowledge from you all..bought a little 380 LCP.And really like it can't wait to hit the range..sucker shoots high @ first but buy third shot i was on my way..

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    Howdy, to all of you from Utah. I just received my CFP to carry a gun and am looking forward to what all of you have to say regarding good consealed carry guns etc.

  4. I need to know whitch states I can use my Maine ccw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul F. Sexton View Post
    I need to know whitch states I can use my Maine ccw?
    Hello Paul and welcome to USA Carry.

    Go to Handgun Law and checkout the map. It will show reciprocity for each state.

  6. Howdy folks,
    I'm originally from Oklahoma, but retired from the Air Force out here in California. I'm a fairly new CCW permit holder. I'm usually on the range every weekend, been to Front Sight Weapons Training center, and will be checking out IDPA when I get my first in-waist holster. Til then I'm reading everything I can on this subject.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by PaPi_83 View Post
    I just wanted to say hello to everyone, and I was wondering what would be the best way to go about finding washington states laws on concealed carry of a handgun. I have my concealed weapons permit and I just want to know where and when I am allowed to carry my weapon in public. Thank you all, and I look forward to future discussions.


    Jacob Coder

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    Hi, Jacob; I just checked the map back at USACarry home page, and there seems to be a pretty clear run down on your WA laws, and links back to the actual statutes. Looks like you're limits are pretty reasonable, including "open carry." Vehicle restrictions are tighter than CO, but that's about it.


  8. Hi everyone. My name is Don and I live in West Ga, just a good rifle shot from Alabama, but dont hold that against me. I am 62 years old, semi retired and the proud paw paw of four beautiful grand children. I was raised in a gun friendly family and was taught gun safety and proper handling from an early age. I have been a licensed carrier for over 20 years. I have been looking around USA Carry for a few days now and I really like what I see. Lots of good info and helpful people, and a few old grouches like me, just to keep it honest.

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    Hi, little about me, retired from U. S. Army, 20 years infantry. NRA life member, USCCA member. Like to shoot IDPA. That enough?

  10. quote from Bob and Wife: "On the other hand, if he fired at anyone, than he stepped it up a notch (USING deadly force). I would not hessitate to respond accordingly".... end quote..
    Recent experience of the 'CCW' camping couple from OK, demonstrates that if you allowed the aggressor to 'Fire First' then 'step it up' (your words) You would both be charred remains. Escaped cons killed both,... then burned their trailer to the ground.

  11. Cold here

    There are many places to shoot here in Utah that's for sure, as we are a desert state. But my new buddies it's one cold desert from November to march. Now that I am in retirement mode at 54 pushing 55 real fast, I'm looking for a more temperate climate maybe southern Utah might be the answer. The humidity is right at least. Be safe...........

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