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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Nov 2009

    new to this site

    I am new to this site I've had by ccw for about a year now.

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    Skizzy009 Guest
    Hello everyone I am a newbie Grandma from East TN.. Am trying to learn as much as I can about protecting myself and love ones....I think we all are going to need it in the near future......Skizzy009

  4. Hello

    Hello All You gun Lovers!

    This looks like a Great site Allow me to introduce myself I am Safety 56

    from Washington State!

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    Dec 2010

    Hello from Left Coast

    Greetings from the wacky state of Cal. Gun nut since little kid, still little kid but now have gray hair. Love to shoot most anything but only actively carrying day to day in recent years. Carried lots when I lived in Alaska but that was mostly for 4 legged predators not the 2 legged variety we have in Cal. Active in several "movements" to get CCW laws changed to "shall issue" state wide. Since getting better half involved with open carry a few years ago has turned her into a full fledged gun nut. We now carry lots of places and don't patronize any business that has restrictions, no exceptions!

  6. Hey group,

    I am a newbie from Northwest In. One quick question.How long does a background check take? I wanted to buy a 10/22 on sale at Wallie world Two months ago. Filled out all the paper work. Then found out I was delayed. What the heck is that? They won't put a gun on lay away. So they sold it.

    I called the FBI to find out why?? Went to their website. Downloaded their ten card. Went to my Local LEO and had my finger prints taken. And jumped through all their hoops.
    Still waiting to hear back from them. Sure would like that 10/22 for Christmas. Just a new way to keep me from buying a new gun? What do you think?

  7. First post for a "gray hair" that WILL CONTINUE to cling to my guns and my Bible and everything that America has always stood for (especially the 2ND ammendment.

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    I was inspired by the 2008 Presidential election results to join the NRA, purchase my own personal handgun for home protection, train my wife how to use it and finally I completed the process for a ccp in my home town. I now carry everywhere I go and I feel so much better about walking around a major US city knowing that we are not defenseless if we were to encounter a violent criminal.

    I have taken professional hand gun training and self defense tactics, it has changed my life for the better. I would like to see every responsible, law abiding citizen in the U.S. do the same, then the criminals lose, as they should and we live our lives as we should, at peace and enjoying our cities and all they have to offer.

    So glad to be part of the USA Carry website group

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Max Toney View Post
    First post for a "gray hair" that WILL CONTINUE to cling to my guns and my Bible and everything that America has always stood for (especially the 2ND ammendment.
    Me too brother! That unbelievably offensive comment was just as derogatory as any racial slur ever uttered about his race or religion. With all that Harvard education, how could it be that he never took any classes on American history or reviewed any HONEST court interpretations of the US Constitution and in particular the 2nd Amendment? 2 more years and we can make a "Change" America does believe in! Thanks be to God for our right to vote.

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    Hello Everyone. Glad I found this site and am glad to be aboard.

  11. As am I, Welcome fellow Washingtonian!

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