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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello from beautiful Akron, Ohio!

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to say, hi. Looking forward to many hours enjoying this site.

  3. Hello from Northern VA. I have been reading for some time and figured I need to get in the game.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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    Dec 2010
    New Jersey

    Hello All

    Hello All,

    My name is Frank, from NJ. I;m new and just wanted to say hello to all.

    Great place you got here.

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    Hey ya'll, I'm a new member from South Alabama. I'm a professional firefighter/paramedic, and I carry a Sig P250 9mm. I've been looking through the site for a while and just decided to become a member.

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    New (Old) guy here in Missouri. Wandered in here while searching the web for CCW info updates... Hope you don't mind if I pull up a chair and stay awhile.

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    Hello to all my brothers and sisters….
    Glad to be aboard.

  8. New Mexico Judge just released one of their favorite Career, violent, repeat offenders...for the 127th time. A Top Cop Darren White, said it all.."The Justice sytem is Broken". Welcome aboard CCW as all "Bible Thumping and Gun Clingers". note: Lawyers for the Defence and Lawyers for the Prosecution, Depend on Career Criminals for the Perpetual Tax revenue that funds their lifestyle.... Law makers Depend on them to 'Stir Outrage'. Outrage demands Control, and that is their Final Goal.. Merry Christmas Y'all

  9. What may be going on

    Quote Originally Posted by outrigger View Post
    Hey group,

    I am a newbie from Northwest In. One quick question.How long does a background check take? I wanted to buy a 10/22 on sale at Wallie world Two months ago. Filled out all the paper work. Then found out I was delayed. What the heck is that? They won't put a gun on lay away. So they sold it.

    I called the FBI to find out why?? Went to their website. Downloaded their ten card. Went to my Local LEO and had my finger prints taken. And jumped through all their hoops.
    Still waiting to hear back from them. Sure would like that 10/22 for Christmas. Just a new way to keep me from buying a new gun? What do you think?
    Dear Outrigger,
    I had a similiar experience in Rhode Island. Here there is a 7 day waiting period when you buy a firearm. After having purchased about 5 or 6 firearms
    from different dealers/stores without problems over the years, all of a sudden when purchasing a rifle from a different dealer in a different town, I was denied. It seems an entry showing an arrest showed up(15 years old). There never was a trial(dismissed) and a court order was issued that the incident was to be "filed"; this means after a year's time the entire file of the incident would be destroyed(including the arrest) and would cease to exist in the public record. I went to my attorney general's office, paid for my own state background criminal check($5.00), and sure enough there was an incident noted, but no disposition of same was indicated. It should have not even been there, but it was. I had to do some digging, and they found in the basement of my local police department a record of the arrest(which should have been destroyed). Eventually the court clerk in the town where the judge presided located the "file" of the incident, which contained only a one page order and notice that the file had been destroyed! I then took a certified copy to my police dept and then to the police dept where I had tried to purchase the firearm, and the sale went through. I know this is a long post but thought it might help or suggest a remedy. The weird scary part for me was I had already made many firearm purchases w/o incident, even passed a background check to teach in school. It would seem the system is a little inefficient to say the least. Best and stay safe. Carl H

  10. newbee

    Hi all, having guns=having freedom.

  11. Just a quick "hello" from a first time forum participant about anything.....

    I know so little about what I'm doing on this computer, there is absolutely no way of guessing where it will re-surface. Anyway, I've been waiting for the time to sit down and just say "hello" and thanks in advance for allowing me to participate in any discussion involving firearms or the 2nd Amendment.

    chris fox

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