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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Wisconsin Carry

    New to USA Carry and looking forward to Wisconsin Carry - Open, Concealed - Constitutional.

  3. Stock up while you can

    hey all, from SoCAL
    just joined and just bought my first pistol a week ago. I saw an ad for the HP C9 for $149 and had to check it out. I have been around fire arms all my life, mostly rifles and shotguns though. I own a 16 Ga. S-BY-S, a mossberg 12Ga. and now a C9 pistol. My first time out last sunday every time i came to the last round i had a jam. The Gun Smith at the range said "load ass much ammo as your mag will take and leave it alone for a week to work is the spring. my second time out, yesterday, I shot about 600 rounds of WWB and 30 WHP. no jam at all. For those of you that own a C9 try this method if you are have jams all the time.

  4. Hello from Maryland, one of the most restrictive CCW states in the US!

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    hi all a newbe ,heard about the site @ the gun club and thought i would check it out ! i like what i se been a concealed carry (legally) for over 30 yrs. and i am a big gun LOVER !

  6. hello new to forem from mass. newly into guns learning bout em enjoying shooting

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    Greetings from Virginia - thanks for letting me join in.

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    Dec 2010
    SW Ohio

    Hello from Ohio.

    Hello. I am a CCW holder from Ohio. I have also recently become an FFL. I hope to make some new friends here.

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    Yuba City California


    Whats going on everybody? Just saying hello here. Thank you for welcoming me to your community....

  10. Hey carl

    FBI — Guide for Obtaining Your FBI Identification Record

    This is the link I had found for the FBI site that is supposed to take care of back ground checks. It use to be in Ind. That with my permit I could walk out of the store with my purchase. Then it went to seven days now this. Oh ya I also had to send a money order for $18.00 to them for handling. If the FBI is taking care of this for IN. wouldn't they be in charge for the rest of the country too?? I also sent them a copy of my drivers license. and a copy of the judges sign order disposing of the case against me.I have a life time ccw. By the way that took place in 1991. Fear the government that fears your gun.


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    Dec 2010
    Lees Summit, Missouri, United States
    Just wanted to say hey; I am new to the forum and looks like a real good site for info. Take it easy and keep your powder dry!

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