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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Quote Originally Posted by milkmood View Post
    I'm new. You're old. Hello board.

    I agree with you, I think we would be better off sometimes//

  3. Hello

    Hi, everyone, new to conceal carry, hope to get some good insite of what to expect and knowlege on concealing as well as types of arms that are easy to carry.

    Ron from Missouri.

  4. First post. Hello from south louisiana.

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    Hello from California. I'm new to USA Carry and learning how to navigate what appears to be a great web site. I'm a relatively new FFL and firearms instructor. Look forward to learning from everyone else's experience.

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    Cool New Member

    Hello from John Adams, or the Spirit of John Adams, anyway...

    Yes, I died on the 4th of July, 1825 in Massachusetts, but I ended up with everyone else my age (and older), in Florida.

    Wow, how you kids have screwed up this free republic thing !?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    First post. Hello from south louisiana.
    Hey another south LA-ian, welcome aboard!

  8. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie from New York. I can hear you laughing regarding the ridicules restrictions put on us in this state. I only have a few more years before retiring to a less communist state. I am glad i found this site, because i think their is wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into.

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    Hi all.

    Newbie from Middletown, RI here. Just got my FL non-resident permit, and am waiting on Maine non-resident. I'm considering applying here in RI, although it's a strange environment.

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    Phoenix, AZ

    Hey Everyone, new here

    Hi everyone, I am Daven, you may call me Gimpy. I am a 41 year old disabled man with Multiple Sclerosis. I use a wheelchair or crutches for mobility, because of this I am a prime target for muggers, and people who would wish me harm. I have about a dozen friends who are also Gimp's who have either been assaulted or mugged. i used to be a private detective and LEO so I am very comfortable with my weapon. I currently carry a Sig P220 or SigPro 2022. I am new to this forum and look forward to meeting more people. I am in Phoenix AZ. That's it for me. Anyone local who might want to go shooting sometime, let me know.


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    Moore County, NC
    Welcome to all that joined today; from the Old North State!!!

    Reap the Vision...

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