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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    My name is Gary, I carry a Beretta 9mm for now, Getting a Ruger .380 LCP

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    I am freshly retired and am now able to handle a major hobby such as casting and reloading. A person never becomes too old to have good clean fun. I mainly joined this forum to meet people and to glean from their experience in reloading and concealed carry as we need to protect ourselves and our rights. Maybe I can contribute as well as recieve in a quest to gain and give wisdom and knowledge. God bless all.

    God bless Texas

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    New Guy here

    Hello all, Just joined 10 minutes ago. Upstate NY.
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    Greetings all. I have been toting iron since 2001. If I have my britches on, I have my "equalizer". If I don't have my britches on I got one within my reach. I am too old to run away. I've been shooting and reloading firearms for some forty (++) years. I am never too proud to learn & hope to learn from y'all.
    Jim, from eastern NC

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    Dec 2010
    Thank you for your encouragement Texas Star. I am pretty confortable with any gun. I started firing handguns at 6 yo and had the priveledge to be a junior member of the OK State hi-power rifle team at Camp Perry many years ago. I prefer open carry; that would make me comfortable. I am very large and concealment is difficult. Our new governor said if the open carry bill comes before her it will not be vetoed again. I am proud to be an American and was proud to serve our country.

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    Hello Everyone and thank you for the warm welcome.

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    Welcome to all the new members!

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    Hi from a newbie from Philadelphia PA

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    Hello to group

    Newbie to forums so this may take me a time to figure out. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak with like minded folks with OUR safety and RIGHTS in mind.

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    Hello from FNG in Colorado

    Hi - New to the site been teaching for about three months and really enjoying it. Always looking for new subjects and examples for the classes.

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