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  1. Quote Originally Posted by decotriumph View Post
    I ran across this site this morning so I joined up. I was Google surfing regarding some small carry weapons for my wife for Christmas. Kind of zeroed in on a Ruger 380 LCP or a Ruger .38 special LCR. She has little hands (size 4 ring). ANy thoughts? I want it comfortable enough that she'll actuall carry it when she's going for a walk, shopping, etc.
    KAHR... trigger pull is double action and consistant like a revolver, on each shot. Light, thin (important) and effective deterrant with quality. Have fun shopping. :>)

  3. hi hot dog man here from the keys glad to be a member.I am a shooter and a reloader.:

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    That would be another forum called "US Concealed Carry", run by Tim Schimdt. It's also pretty good. Jim

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    Looking foreward to membership to share like views and opinions. Vice President of local Gun club...NRA Life Member.

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    New Dog in the house !!!!!

    hi all glad to finally get here had problems getting on and now that i'am on working on my profile is a little pain to get there . anyway i'm NRA and a 30 plus yr. conceal carry lumpa . in a very cold N.H. !

  7. Smile Seventy yr old Newbie here : )

    Hi Dear Hearts:
    Due to limited computer skills it took a while to simply figure out how to check in.
    Anyway, it sure is good to find USA Carry and its host of helpful, knowledgeable and interesting Memberships, certainly including Mods.

    Employment history includes an apprenticeship as a machinist-gunsmith. Born and raised in rural northern Minnesota. The most I've learned about ordnance contingecies is that, like so many other subjects, the more ya learn, the more ya realize there's so much more to learn.

    Presently looking for what may be the most reliable self defense round for wife's Bersa .380 FireStorm. Of course I'm encountering the traditional considerations of penetration and expansion. Although I'm aware that the .380 is a relatively modest caliber, my wife really likes her carry weapon and it's performance on the range. Any advisories on what SD cartridge may be most reliable and effective will be sincerely received and respectfully considered.

    Best regards,
    - Kai

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    .380 SD rounds reply to Kai

    For self defense rounds I like both the Glaser Safety, and the Mag-safe. I use phone books for my testing medium and both of the those rounds penetrate deeper and make a much wider hole than standard ball or HP rounds. That said they are expensive and you must be certain of the reliability of the cartridges in your gun therefore you must purchase a considerable quantity to test for feed and function including accuracy in your gun. Both the Glaser and the Mag-safe work well in my guns and the accuracy out to 75ft is excellent. The Glaser rounds are defeated by glass but you solve that by a double tap. The Mag-safe is what I carry in a .380
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  9. Smile Tommy44

    I understand that the last hello, I'm a new guy wanting to meet you all and learn a lot about conceal and carry didn't work out for some reason. I'm in MN. and very cold air up here. Wish I were in Arizone or some other warm place. A BIG HI to you all!!!

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    The new .327 cartridge .327 Federal Magnum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has excellent specs. I would certainly consider it for a wife 's revolver. My holster maker bought a Ruger LCR and had to buy another because his wife claimed it. He says she is a very good shot with it. I have a Ruger LCP with a crimson trace laser and I really like. I can bingo orange size dirt clods all day with the laser sight at 50ft with a very fast sight acquisition. There is a lot to be said about the simplicity, safety, and function of a short barreled revolver (hammer-less preferred) for short range self defense. One of the few guns that you can fire multiple times from inside a pocket a purse or direct pressure contact with a soft target. When I first got married I gave my wife a .38 revolver and taught her how to use it. She said it gave her a lot of comfort when I was away at night.

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    Hello all from AZ

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