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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    I'm a new member from Eagle Idaho and glad to be here. I'm not much on posting but have been enjoying the others posts and the information available on the site.
    Thanks for all the great info!

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    Im a newbe from Georgia saying hello.

  4. Talking New Member Welcome Thread

    Greetings from KY, the quintessential land of Open Carry.
    Thoughts for a Friday.....Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach that person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks.

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    New Member figuring out the site

    New Guy checking in. Im still learning how to navigate the site. Love it so far. Not alot of drama, only good info.

  6. I have been reading some the members articles for some time. Today,I read some people were trying to locate Magazines (9 Rounds type) for the YUGO M57 Pistol and decided to give all a place to buy them and it as follows;


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    CCSA 9-round Magazine - Yugo M57 Tokarev

    Updated and improved! US made 9-round magazines for the Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Pistol.

    Price: $33.00

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    Hi, I'm new here. I carry a Sig P239 and my wife carries a Ruger LCP. We have many pistols, rifles and shotguns and I reload my own ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPKirkpatrick View Post
    I have found that the little .380 ACP has been made a lot more effective with the newer bullet designs and powder development, like the Hornady offerings. In both the .380 and 9x18 (Makarov) calibers I like the performance of the Hornady XTP's.

    I tested both using 3 gallon cooking oil jugs (square vinyl-plastic containers like milk jug material 12" diameter filled with gelatin) and an old army wool blanket three layers thick and they both made it into the second container with full expansion and about 95% weight retention. A total of 14" penetration. Standard .380ACP HP penetrated only into the first jug and stopped at 12", just dimpling the exit layer of the jug and 40-50% expansion and 98% weight retention.

    9mm XTP (9x19) penetrated to 16-17", same expansion characteristics.

    Testing using .40S&W XTP loads were consistently at 22" penetration, full expansion and again 95% weight retention.

    All tests had pieces of the wool blanket in the first jug.

    All were shot from a distance of 7 yards.
    Thanks very much for your informative response and advisory, JPKirkpatrick.
    Hornady XTP report very impressive, will establish that they cycle well regarding chambering and ejection. Expect good results based on the reputation of the Bersa genre.

    Best regards to you and yours,
    - Kai

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyjohn View Post
    For self defense rounds I like both the Glaser Safety, and the Mag-safe. I use phone books for my testing medium and both of the those rounds penetrate deeper and make a much wider hole than standard ball or HP rounds. That said they are expensive and you must be certain of the reliability of the cartridges in your gun therefore you must purchase a considerable quantity to test for feed and function including accuracy in your gun. Both the Glaser and the Mag-safe work well in my guns and the accuracy out to 75ft is excellent. The Glaser rounds are defeated by glass but you solve that by a double tap. The Mag-safe is what I carry in a .380
    Thank you, jimmyjohn. The high tech improvements on ammo were not available in my younger days when I was more experienced in this rapidly evolving subject. Wife and I were gifted a year free pass to a nearby indoor range and your advised ammo is now on our list. Of course, as you specify, we will certainly determine the compatibility of the subjected ammunition to see how well it chambers and ejects rounds, and of course, accuracy also.

    Best regards to you and yours,
    - Kai

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    From central Texas.


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    .380 ammo

    Although I've never tried Hornaday XTR in .380 ACP I'm glad to hear of its excellent test results and can't wait to try some myself. I've used (Winchester ?) .380 Silvertips with border-line satisfactory results which is why I use +P ammo in my Detective Special (2 1/2" bbl.) as my concealed carry weapon. It gives as fine a mushrooming into a large, wet phone book as you could ask for.


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