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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by brolin1911a1 View Post
    I wonder if we've already met since I've been working for Murray since September.

    The next time you stop in I'll have to show you my RIA. I duracoated it in Desert Beige with black controls and grips. I think it's pretty enough to be a BBQ gun now. The way my luck runs, though, you'll probably stop by on a day that I'm carrying the Taurus or Steyr instead. I look forward to meeting you if we haven't already met.

    Ironically, I have a BIL with the same name as you (not sure about his middle initial.) His family is from the bootheel, a little town called Advance.
    I figured out who you were, hence the comment about Murray's shop
    I saw your DesertBeige RIA when I brought my M1 Carbine in to have some cleaning up on it by Murray, also had a RIA that a friend was having him duracoat it in Black Semi-gloss!
    I'll make sure that you know when I get back to the shop there (knowing how you like to work on the bench with headphones on)

    Take-er easy and enjoy the Christmas Dinner!
    USAF-Ret; NRA Life; CRPA Life; USA Carry Mbr;
    Oath Keepers Chrtr Mbr; USCCA Mbr; HGCA Mbr; Ret Former LEO

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    Hello to all have never posted on the site but do read alot, decided I my try participating for awhile and see what it's all about. would also like a free Springfield Armory Travel mug. Be talking with you all later.

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    new guy

    I have never posted a thread before, I'm not sure if this will get where it's supposed to.

    could use a little help here.

    I would love a mug also


  5. Hello, another rookie from SC. Still feeling around this site, but like what I see so far.

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    truckie, are you a fireman

  7. New

    New to usa carry. look forward to get info, russm

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    hi from garden city mi glockdude57 have a safe holiday

  9. hello everyone, newbie here from virginia. Looking to learn alot from you all only owned a weapon for about a year, looking for solid advice and good tips.

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    Speaking Southern

    To: Dry Bread;

    It's all write with me to speak as you please.


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    a better Glock

    Quote Originally Posted by rpeckham View Post
    As far as I'm concerned the real problem with a Glock is that there's no way (that I know of) to outfit it with a custom grip. If anyone knows different I'd be very glad to hear from them.

    This is a quote from Robert H.Boatman about his 10mm glock
    Perhaps this will help you. "Robbie Barrkman of The Robar Companies in Phoenix [] figured out early on how to work with Glock's polymer frame and reshape it any way a shooter might desire.In my case, he thinned the grip down a little and shaped it to perfectly fit my hand. He also lopped off that silly hook on the trigger guard, cosmetic surgery I recommend to any Glock owner if for no other reason than it makes the gun easier to re-holster. He refinished the grip and trigger guard with a nice stipple texture, added little-finger extensions to my magazines, fit the extensions perfectly to the bottom of the frame and finished them to match. The result is a pistol that feels like an organic part of my hand instead of a lump I'm hanging on to so it doesn't escape."

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