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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyjohn View Post
    I have considered making my own and have done a little leather work but I really consider holster making an art form and though I like a challenge as well as the next guy I am not sure that I am up to it. Any suggestions recommendations etc?
    If you're looking to make your own, here's a great place to find information, and how to instruction:
    The toughest parts about DIY leather is probably the stitching, getting good retention, and the boning. It's pretty easy to make mistakes.
    If you're leaning towards Kydex, there are several companies that offer kits to build your own. Kydex kits are pretty much bare -bones. The plus side on Kydex kits is if you make a mistake, you can sometimes fix it by reheating the holster.

    If you're looking for a top quality piece already made, there are numerous custom holster makers available. I personally think it's just as important to check the makers return policy as it is to ask on forums specifically about the maker and his/her model of holster. General questions about unspecific holsters will receive some honest answers, but they also tend to include answers from company "shills" trying to get you to buy from them. I specifically mention "custom" holsters, because they are generally the only place to go for "perfect" fit of your firearm. Holsters that claim to fit most models of firearms, usually don't fit any of them very well.

    We think the Silent Thunder Holster is as good as it gets. We have received great reviews, but we know there are other holster makers that do excellent work, and are comparable to us.

    Just about any OWB (as long as it has a decent range of cant adjustment) can work for both strong side and cross draw. Some people will say that a zero cant is best. While I understand their viewpoint, I think that idea may stem from not realizing that there are positive and negative adjustable cant mounts available now. Clip-less IWB holsters can work for both strong side and cross draw, but generally you lose re-holstering ease and they offer little or no retention. For an IWB holster, ease of draw is vitally important for cross-draw. If you decide to go that route, be sure to investigate fully the retention properties of the holster.

    Whew, I hope that answered your question. Let me know if you need more information, or if I went the wrong direction in my answer.
    The Second Amendment is clear, concise, and not open to interpretation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jreXD9 View Post
    I think a zero cant holster would be good.
    A zero cant holster will position your firearm the same on either side. On strong side it works well for many. On your weak side it's not nearly as accessible. You might consider a holster that allows for positive as well as negative cant. You simply change the cant setting for which either side you will be carrying that day. Having your pistol grip facing forward on cross draw, will make your presentation much easier and faster.

    The Second Amendment is clear, concise, and not open to interpretation.

  4. Hello I need some info

    Hello I am from the UK and coming to New York I was wondering if there is a shooting range I could spend a couple of hours trying out all different guns. Thanks as it is something I have wanted too for along time. Thank you

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    Vancouver, WA
    Chiming in from Vancouver, WA.. Greetings! Nice joint! Where is the range? ;)

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    Howdy all y'all! :-P

    I've posted a couple of times here, and thought I would introduce myself.

    First and for most, I'm a Christian, who believes in the right to defend myself.

    I have a 6 year old daughter, who is the world to me, and, she LOVES shooting. I introduced her to it when she was 4. I just hope I can continue out shoot her as she gets older, however, only time will tell.

    My (currently very small) arsenal contains my Taurus PT-1911, a Walther P22 (for my daughter), a Marlin 22 semi-auto rifle (don't know the model), a Winchester 30-30 (yes, my "cowboy" gun), and a Mini-14 Ranch with the Beaver Creek Folding Stock.

    Eventual additions to the arsenal: more 1911's, a Mossburg 500/security shotgun, or an Ithica Model 37, an AR-10 (there was an NRA article about the best bugout bag rifle, and the author aptly points out the all around capability of the AR-10 and that sold me on it), and (if I can ever find one for a decent price) a Taurus 45 ACP wheel gun.

    I've broken horses, punched cattle, trained dogs and horses (cats are impossible, although I did try...), currently I'm a techno-geek, employed as a System Administrator and am back in school to finally scare up my Electrical Engineering degree. So, in short, yes, I am a high-tech red-neck... :-) Take care all ya'll!, and happy hunting in this new year.
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    Hi guys, I'm a retired locomotive engineer of 33 years from the Elgin Joliet & Eastern. It's a belt line running around Chicago from Gary, Indiana to Waukegan, Illinois.
    I've been employed by ISMG as a security guard both armed and unarmed for the last 2 years. I've seen and done a lot of things doing this and I'll share my experiences as I see the threads come up.
    I'm also a member of another very good site like this one but tailored to inform Florida officers.
    Looking forward to being involved here.

  8. New member from Missouri

    Greetings everyone. Appears to be a great site with a wealth of information. Located in central Missouri after moving from Illinois. Sure have to learn and get used to a state that doesn't have all the gun laws. Wife and I have just passed the CCW class and we shoot Rugers SR9, SR9C, and LCP.

  9. Well Ihope this is in the correct place. I just found this forum and have carried and shot comp for years. My main carry firearm is a Para LDA, followed by a Belgium High Power in 40SW.

    Now that I am much older I was looking for a place to trade my unlimited race pistol. A All Sport Forty cusomized by Hunter Customs.

    glad I found ya all.

  10. new member

    Greetings guys

    From NY and have carry permit.. problem is they dont let you carry anywhere.

    Pastor Scott

    YES- Ministers can like guns.. and not be kooks

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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorscott View Post
    Greetings guys

    From NY and have carry permit.. problem is they dont let you carry anywhere.

    Pastor Scott

    YES- Ministers can like guns.. and not be kooks
    Welcome! Good to see a man of the cloth that is also a man of the hardware too! Sorry about your luck with carry in New York though. Hang tough, maybe someday people like Bloomberg will get sent down the road where they belong.

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