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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Red face New member from VA

    Hello everyone...being new to CCW I am looking to soak up knowledge from all you veterans. Also looking for experiance and opinions of SW99 in 9mm. Thanks Kenny

  3. Anyona hear any info. on open cary in Florida ?

    Thank You

  4. Cool

    Hi there folks, just wanted to drop in, say, I think site is great, will get good use out of it...
    Thr Rickster

  5. New to the site and forums.... have taken a quick look around and really like what I see!

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    I live in MA...get a FLA non resident permit for trucking in the USA, especially on the East Coast. Any more questions give me a ring. I lived in AZ for many years waited till I was 35 to get my LTCC in MA which is not easy, we are all about the "law"...and it is really key to calm do not be a knucklehead bouncer, be a man...know the law...most states will let you have it 1.locked in a case, if you are passing through, but really what good is that?

    I have my MA LTCC...NH and VT and FLA non resident permit, total like 40 out of 50 is worth it since now you will be legal and that is what matters!

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    dude...what kinda ride is that???

    I gave up a small bore cruser for a Honda 599 recently...

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    Non-resident CC laws info from BUCKEYE FIREARMS ASSOCIATION

    Quote Originally Posted by mikejano View Post
    Hello everyone, searching for info on the best cc permit that will have the most states. My wife and I travel alot through many states. I have been a Life Member of NRA for 30 years. Any info would be great !
    This doc. is for Ohio residents but I have found it to be accurate and valuable as a general ref. doc. Non-Resident Licenses: When the Ohio Concealed Handgun License Isn't Enough (revised & expanded)

    Hope that helps you. It is very important to study the gun laws of every state you plan on traveling through as they each have their own idiosyncrasies, and sometimes police officers that are new hires from other states don't know the law or confuse it with another state that they worked in. If you can download and carry a copy of each states laws read them on the plane as you fly in, it can promote productive conversation with the uneducated and misinformed that may be sitting next to you. When I fly I call the airlines first and talk with a real person. Then I call the police agencies or responsible enforcement agencies in each state (you do not have to identify your self on the phone just remember to be kind) talk with a real person and ask for advice. Most police agencies are very helpful and will warn you of pitfalls and danger points for the CCW person. Take the advice always with common sense e.g. Mich. told me on the phone "yes we honor permits from your state,but we are an open carry state and you don't have to worry" well Detroit is not a place that I would recommend open carry. It is also a place that I would recommend never going unarmed. Even little old ladies in the supermarkets are packing, you will often see the flash of a pistol butt in a purse holster in the check out line, there is a reason for that. It is also something that makes my heart glad, even though their crime rate is high it used to be 67% higher until they passed CCW laws. I know I was there when it happened even the FBI said they had never seen a crime rate drop like that across the board.

  9. Go to Master
    Call the owner, his name is Dennis.
    Great ammo with great prices.

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    Hello everyone, look forward to chating, and getting educated even more about cc laws...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pastorscott View Post
    Greetings guys

    From NY and have carry permit.. problem is they dont let you carry anywhere.

    Pastor Scott

    YES- Ministers can like guns.. and not be kooks
    A man of the cloth and a man of the Glock, too? I like that.

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