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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hello my good friends.I have had my Gun permit for as long as TN has had one
    I may not agree with all of TN. gun Laws,But I go along with them. JDW

  3. New to gun forums

    Hi my Christian name is Jerry and my Native American name is Wandering Bear. Never been on on a gun forum before so I don't know what to say for now except, Hello!!! I am a former(still at heart) Marine and Viet Nam Vet.

  4. Hello all
    First time writer and new to the site. Any tips on conceal carry of a 38 snubby. Holsters/positions to carry/what you have found to be most comfortable?

  5. newboy

    Hello all. New boy from Connecticut. Used to post on ages ago.
    This site reminds me of it.
    Will lurk for a while before posting. Thanks to all.

  6. Hello, new member from Connecticut

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    Hi folks! I'm an NRA life member from upstate New York. Yeah, I know. what is an NRA Life member doing living in New York you say? Real estate costs are rock bottom so I got a great deal on a bunch of land that I can hunt and shoot on without a problem from my neighbors. I limit out every season in Turkey and Deer so I can't complain too much. I have 30 acres of woodlands and it doesn't cost me anything to heat my house in the winter. My wood stove is quite efficient. New York has it's drawbacks as I needed to get a carry permit to keep my pistols but I wanted to do that anyway. I've lived up here for the last five years. I moved up here from Maryland so I could have done worse.

    Thanks for accepting me to your discussion board. I will post occasionally but will listen most.


  8. Hi all

    I just wanted to post a hello to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms all over this great country of ours..
    Don't forget to stay updated on reciprocity laws as I'm in New York right now and many things....including carrying my pocket knife.....are so different from stste to state....
    We can't let an idiot like the murderer in Tuscon ruin our rights !!!!
    Thanks to Lukem for this blog and our right to bear arms will stand a fighting chance!!!
    And don't forget to Stay with the NRA !!!!!


  9. Hello, Don here from..well, I don't know what to put down. We are South Dakota residents (but we don't spend a lot of time there)with a house in WA. We also have a motorhome and oscillate between WA, CA, AZ, UT

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    Georgia, Woodstock

    Post If you need one somebody will bring one. Take it!

    Happy New Year to all conservative Constitution defenders. To the devil with anyone that wants someone to watch over us. We can watch over ourselves. That is what government of the people and by the people is supposed to be. Leave the Constitution alone you domestic enemies. You may find that dismantling it will cause a lot of personal problems for you, like ending up on the wrong side of all the people that keep their oaths to protect and defend. As for me as long as I can get to an enemy they have a problem. I'm elderly and don't want to have to deal with people that think they know what is best for me and want to change things for my own good. I'm a veteran 'cause I didn't want the changes they talked about then and I don't want them now! Don't people read Prince Machiavelli anymore? What about the Art of War? The very idea that do gooders want to change our wonderful Republic into a police state of the kind I have visited in other countries so we'll be safe makes me sick. I never felt safe with bullies on every corner with machine guns asking for papers and wanting to know everything I was doing. sirwilliam

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    Las Vegas,NV, Kingstree SC

    IWB Holsters

    IWB Hybrid
    I have found these to be superior to the crossbreeds at a fraction of the cost.

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