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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. New guy in Alabama here. Avid shooter and looking forward to lerning more about the site

  3. ma here and yes rhe jets shocked me . ha they played great what else can i say?

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    Hello to all!

    Came across the site, and had to sign up. Hope to learn new and exciting things in the future.

  5. Just wanted to say hello! turned 21 about five months ago, and wanted to start the process of obtaining my CCW :)!


  6. well theres alot to be read

    and a lot to learn that sounds good .

  7. Hello from new guy on the forum. I love to collect and shoot C&R surplus weapons. Just made my reservation for my CCDW class coming up in a couple weeks.

  8. New Member

    Located in Japan, from originally from Florida.

  9. New member from Colorado

    I'm also on another forum, and go by the same moniker.

    I am a Firearms Instructor and in the law enforcement community.

    Thank you!

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    There seems to be a lot of opinions about what gun to carry. The real thing is that hitting your assailant is what counts. A story from the neighborhood gas station gets to the point. The night attendant was approached by a person with a .44 magnum single action wanting money. The attendant was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with front hand warmer pockets and he had a Baby Browning .25 auto with a full clip and one in the chamber. The attendant noticed that the .44 wasn't cocked so he produced his .25, thumbed the safety down and shot the robber several times and then kicked the .44 away from the would be robber. The attendant called the police and the rest is history.
    If you're going to carry be sure your gun is always ready for unexpected incidents. If the situation calls for the use of your gun, calmly and deliberately draw and use your weapon without trying to break speed records. Just the fact that someone opposes an armed criminal is a big surprise to most of them since they tend to get their glory ideas of stealing money from Hollywood movies. Hits count, especially to the robber/assailant. Practice with your carry gun and carry holster. Practice makes perfect!

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    Wavin' a hand to all the folks out there. I have been reading the posts on the site for the last few nights and I have stayed up way past my bedtime before I knew it. Anyway, I am a new member and have been a CCLer since 1994. That was back when in West Virginia you had to go before a circuit judge in your county and jump through hoops. At that time, there was no reciprocity with any other state. Thanks to the all the hard work in the 2nd Amendment community, that has drastically changed. I would like to see all of us keep up the pressure on our legislators until there is full reciprocity nationwide. I think it can happen---look how far we have progressed in the last 25 years. Anyway, I am glad to have found the site and hope to chat with all of you on a broader scope throughout the threads.

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