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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

  1. Hi Wingman,
    Just joined here today myself and came across your intro. Seeing how I'm from Alabama, I think I will be able to not only understand your Southern speak, but enjoy it as much as a home cooked meal prepared by an old fat woman who knows how to cook.
    Open carry here in LA as much as this WX will allow.
    Still carry a revolver mainly so I must be a dinosaur.

  3. Am new to site, 75 yrs old, live in Wyo, have carried (revolver) since age 25. Am really glad to see all these states that allow CC. RSapp

  4. gun show

    Went to a nice show in the state capitol of New York, great turnout.....a bit pricey. Continues tomorrow 9-:

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    Jan 2011
    Tamarac, Fl
    Hi, New member from Florida

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    Jan 2011
    Springfield, Kentucky.
    Newbie from Central Kentucky.

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    Hello from Marietta, Georgia
    I salute the flag of Virginia, with reverence and patriotic devotion to the Mother of States and Statesmen, which it represents the Old Dominion, where liberty and independence were born.

  8. Cool Greetings from snow covered New York!

    Hello all!
    Greetings from snow covered Upstate New York.
    My name is George
    My Wife Rose and I Own an Online Gun Store We also have a brick and mortar store here in New York.This forum has a lot of great topics to read and discuss.
    We both have concealed carry Permits as there called in Wayne county ,New York.We enjoy shooting and talking with fellow gun owners .About guns or anything. I am looking forward to reading the posts and talking to you all. This is a much needed site .Great Job
    Be safe
    See in the gun shop
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  9. Hello to everybody.Its nice to joined here........ Im from sc

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    Carlsbad, CA
    Hello Hard Chargers; I'm a new member that has been following this website for a few years in order to follow important issues and get critical information updates as well. Im an Ole time USMC Gunny/grunt; got out in 98 and loved every moment of it.
    Semper Fi

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    Jan 2011
    Northwestern Oregon
    Hi all from the Pacific Northwest!

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