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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Hey new guy here. My name is Michael and currently in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, VA but my hometown is Bristol, TN.

  3. Hello All - New to the community in CA.

    Was trying to find out how to successfully obtain a ccw in the golden state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DriveStop View Post
    Hello from Marietta, Georgia
    Greetings and Welcome from Lawrenceville, GA.
    Life Member

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    New member / first post. Hello from (cold) Pennsylvania.

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    Hello for the great state of KANSAS....been a CCW permit holder for about a year now....found out about this site when I took my Utah CCW class...

    Check out for Kansas info


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    Washington State
    Hey all. I'm Pippi from Washington state.

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    hello gents! going for my ccw saturday and was surfin around and found USA carry .... diggin this site!

  9. Title? The wife just refers to me as Butthead

    Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Reporting as ordered.

    Semper Fi,
    a very old Jarhead working on the Railroad all the livelong..............

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    Welcome Pippi. And congrats for Cpl ing in wash. I live in North Idaho and go to Wash alot. Its a great state. Jeff Baca.

  11. Saw where our Maine 'Carry Brothers and Sisters', reported -49 F temperature. Now that will 'freeze the bullets off a gun belt'. Enjoy our sympathy from Sunny New Mexico.
    Carry close and keep your powder warm. :>)

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