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Thread: New Member Welcome Thread 2

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    Strummer1 here, FNG on this site, , a Marine, A NRA member, a weapon owner for hundreds of years(+-) and have gotten tired of everyone else having a weapon but the law abiding natural born citizen. Winter in FL. so decided to start there with first CCW license. We (DW + I) are pretty much full time RVers and will be claiming residence in SD where they charge no taxes. Our home was NJ where they tax everything. These websites are a wealth of information so that's why I'm here. Thanks for having me!

  3. hey brothers just arrived, this is, (its my right) from florida

  4. Can anyone tell me how to renew my RSO card on line. itsmyright

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    I'm a new member. I live in Texas. Hello everyone, glad to be here.

  6. new guy here, first post. i'm from NY state and ride a BMW motorcycle. i received my Utah permit the other day and my NY permit is in the works, but that can take up to six months. crazy NY laws made me buy a pistol prior to submitting my permit application so i bought a Ruger LCP 380, but can't take possession of it until my permit is approved. i also mailed out my NH & ME application today and am awaiting packets from FL & CT. i travel around the country on my motorcycle quite a bit and although i have never really had any problems i do want to carry for piece of mind. at home i have plenty of long guns to keep me safe in the house (remmington 870 w/ #2 buckshot works for me) but even around my hometown i would feel better carrying. unfortunately in the county i live in (westchester) you get issued a permit for target shooting and hunting and then you can attempt to have those restrictions removed. so thats about it for me, sorry for the long introduction. anyone traveling through NY and in particular Westchester Co (which is north of NYC) drop me a line and if time permits perhaps we can head out to the range for some target shooting, i live 5 min. from a outdoor range.

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    Howdy from Ohio.

  8. beer and carrying

    I hear you. I look forward to those rare occasions when I'm neither driving nor carrying and can have a beer.

  9. hello everyone

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    It's not an island!
    Hey all. New guy here from Rhode Island

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    southwest Pennsylvania
    Hi, Folks, Newbie to USA Carry here. Looks like a great site. bobg

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